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Today, I am going to talk about food again, but a different type, namely mental food, aka thoughts. If you want to read my earlier post about food-food, check out this link.

We have all probably heard the phrase ‘We are what we eat’, right? That is why we should be careful about what we take in as food, because food we eat affects everything in our bodies. It also affects our energy and productivity levels. It essentially shapes our life patterns.

How about thoughts? Are we also not what we think? Should we not be careful about what we take in as thoughts in our minds?

We should. Because it also affects everything in our minds. It also affects our energy and productivity levels. It essentially shapes our life patterns.

Let’s say that we have accidentally taken in a bad thought (bad mental food). What happens then, usually? We feel sad or angry, right? Then, this bad thought tires our mind because the mind wants to get rid of it and uses its energy to do so. So, it cannot focus on the other tasks we aim to do. This way, we become not only much less energetic but also much less productive.

When these bad thoughts are consistently taken in, the mind keeps losing energy, eventually giving up. Imagine if you ate only cookies and many cookies for many days in a row. That would definitely make your stomach sad and you would possibly get sick. Just like that.

On the contrary, if we take in good mental food, that fuels the mind. Hope, for example, when taken in, is a great nutrient. Why not take it in?

It is of course not possible to always have good thoughts. But the goal should be to keep the bad thoughts at a minimum. Or let’s put it this way: good thoughts should be our default and bad thoughts may sometimes be integrated. After all, we can only know what is good if we know what is bad.

How do we make our minds oriented to favoring good thoughts? There are many ways. For me, meditating is one. Talking to people about my issues is another, because other people can tell me some good sides about the issue I am facing that I cannot see. Explicitly telling the mind may also work, a bit like affirmations. When the mind becomes used to using these techniques, it also becomes used to good food and likes it. Then, we do not really need to worry about bad food because we will not want it anyway.

How do you deal with bad thoughts? Do you have any techniques? Do you naturally tend to think positively or negatively? Let’s talk about food again, just a different kind this time.














45 thoughts on “Mental Food

      1. I used to drown my thoughts in alcohol, but now I channel them into stories. It’s funny, a lot of people think writers sit around drinking all day, however, writing actually cured me of it.😏

      2. Nice change of directions! I don’t drink (never have), so I never channeled my thoughts into it. But I can say that channeling them into stories is the better option. Maybe writers just take their time until they figure out what a treasure writing is in that aspect and in the meantime, they may channel thoughts in different places.

      3. Agreed, I think all creative types go through their own personal battle until they break through to a ‘better’ place. Whatever that battle may be.

      4. This is so great! I also use writing therapeutically. To write from where I’m at, and to share what I’m learning on my pilgrimage to a healthier life. I didn’t know how helpful writing would be!

      1. This made me stop and think. There’s a point of accepting thoughts without judgement. Then transforming them into something positive. But it made me think of the balance between dark and light and how there is no balance without both.

  1. Food for thought! I think we can all allow ourselves to be distracted by negative, energy-draining thoughts from time to time. Meditation is definitely a way to come back into yourself. I’ve recently taken up a course of guided meditation and have definitely found it beneficial. Equally beneficial though is to go outside. I am lucky to live in a beautiful, rural area, but for city dwellers, walking through a park and being close to nature is a great way to recover a positive frame of mind, unless you see litter in the hedgerows – that can set me back in an instant!

  2. I reach for my Bible-it reminds me where those negative ideas come from. And I reach out. I have a few close people who always help me see it differently.

  3. Beautiful post!

    Your taking the time to write this and put it up for conversation is essential.

    What you talk about here is something I think about all the time. One thing I do to maintain good thoughts is to invite the thoughts in my life.. go places that will give me good thoughts, look at movies with a ‘good’ or thought provoking plot, and listen out for good words and ideas from ANYBODY that have them.

    What helps me most is my business to mentor and learn with youth. It forces me in a good way to create good thoughts and lifestyles.

    1. These are really nice points! What are some places that give good thoughts? We should surround ourselves with people and things that will encourage good thoughts!

      1. Absolutely. And good question. I think the places will depend on what you want or need from your thoughts at the time… if you need some quiet time or spiritual meditative time- go where you can pray or hear prayer, serene places like waterfalls or ponds, anywhere with a natural flow of water; when I need to be with people and around good public energy I go to museums, parks and family functions. Also, when I go to exercise I always think better and more forward.

  4. Hi Betul! Love this post. I work with reiki, prayer, mantras and meditation. Nature is always helpful as well. I really like the mention of water by soflymiracle. I’m always drawn to water. These things change my frame of mind and emotions. I heard recently that emotions are a symptom. We have emotions with our thoughts. This created more soul searching for me. If thoughts and emotions are symptoms, then what do they point to? That’s my question for myself this week. 😊

  5. You are absolutely right, negative thoughts are absolutely vital to deal with to walk in vitality. The approach I have learned is Recognize, Reject, Replace. I ask God to help me take notice when an incoming thought is attacking my peace, to decide not to give it room, and to replace it with life-giving truth from His Word. Another practice that helps is putting on worship music and singing to Him with all my heart 🙂

  6. I realy think that in order to get rid of the bad thoughts(mental food) is to first know the cause of it all, though giving yourself sometime out might help but dealing with the cause first and eliminating yourself from it should be the very first step,.

  7. Another great post Betul. I like meditative practices too. I mapped my psyche to find what matters and now I work to reduce stress in me and my surroundings. I begin with my self and work outwards. I figure those tensions of stress are just a few degrees away from creative tensions. I think we can use alcohol to reduce stress at times but we can’t rely on it or use it as medicine. Keep eating well my friend, love and peace.

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