86 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 402

  1. Very little. I generally sleep well, and if there’s something on my mind, I just tuck it in a little mental box, to be taken out and examined after I wake up the next day.

      1. They keep me awake worrying that I’ve forgotten something important… Or fixating on that one big job (folding the laundry or doing the washing up seem to be some of my “big” tasks) that I don’t have the energy to do whilst awake and alert.

  2. Pain mostly, but my brain also likes to come up with all these ideas for projects when I’m trying to fall asleep.

      1. No, but I really should as I tend to forget them by morning. I keep telling myself that I should keep a notebook in my nightstand so I have no excuse for not jotting them down.

  3. Thinking of conversations with people or having late night conversations. If I’m stressed about things or sometimes I’m just that tired I’m so overtired I can’t sleep

      1. I just am, it’s currently 7 in the morning and I’ve still yet to go to sleep lol, I just do what everyone does I guess but a night? I actually plan to write a post on this very topic in the near future 😝

  4. The stress. Especially if I have an issue, or the next day is going to be hard, or something bothers me. Endless, sleepless nights!

  5. Currently my Mia Wallace embroidery project. Usually, conversation I had during the day, altering those conversations to my liking, sometimes thinking about the past (that’s not good) and Pinterest!

  6. A brain that won’t shut the hell up, and the idiots who believe that they are entitled to blast music/race down streets/and have loud mufflers, and the sirens that often accompany such idiots as they crash.

      1. Things that are bothering me, how I’m freaking tired, why can’t I fall asleep – and my all time favorite “building”. You start with a “Well, I could do X, and then the complications of Y come into play, and then those of Z, but you mustn’t forget the fact that X also has another path, so maybe the Y you’re thinking of is mot the right set of Ys… It will literally keep me up all night.

      2. This is a tough one… When these thoughts come for me, I postpone them until morning. I have some kind of thoughts I let in before going to sleep (happy thoughts usually), and when others come, I address them during the day. And I really do let them in during the day otherwise the strategy won’t work.

  7. The paperboy who runs down the drive next door at 4am and makes a huge amount of noise in the process.. I’d love to catch the swine! 😄

  8. aripiprazole I believe is the culprit. I get a depot injection monthly and I only sleep for 3 to 4 hours. I do nod off occasionally in the day though. Micro naps. And the alarms that go off along with people running past my room. Oh, and guilt as well.

  9. Being over tired is what keeps me up at night, as when I’m over tired I just can’t get to sleep no matter what I do.

      1. are we the future the past foresaw? because the only reason you use numbers….letters….words….the sounds you attach to specific letters to make words….the only reason you know anything is because someone before you knew something….so is this what THAT human imagined???? the first human that imagined letters….the first human that imagined numbers……the first human that imagined “A” sounds like aaaahhhhhhhh….the first human that imagined green was GREEN….is this what they imagined would happen? An extension of the thread that is the story of our existence with every fiber merely a part of that whole because everything is connected….so are you what the universe was bound to create?

  10. Use Melatonin for insomnia. Plant based. Still can’t sleep, work night shift. Sleep during day time when your house is empty. Kids are in the school 🙂

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