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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   Yes, that’s right. I believe we all are influencers even though it’s not on that macro scale other people have (especially the well-known people). It happens without us being aware of this. We are influencing the people that spend lots of time around us and I believe it is important for us to be aware of this. Have you noticed that when some friend is really sad, you get a little sad too? Well, it’s a two-way street. If we are sad, we’re influencing whomever is around us (friends, spouse, kids, parents and so on) even if we like it or not.

    I believe this is a powerful thing to know because it places a huge responsibility on us. How do you want your friends to be around you? How do you want your kids to grow up? These are some questions that can bring some self-awareness in our lives. You want your friends to be happy around you? Well, do you have a positive behavior? You want your kids to grow up with the sense that they are powerful and that life is wonderful even though it is tough? Do you celebrate those wonderful things in life or do you keep a negative and sh*tty state most of the time?  Do you have the relationship you would like to have? Well, what do you do to make it like that? We usually want for the others to do something about our mood. We want to be influenced in such a way that our lives get better. I’m here to tell you that it won’t get better if you wait for things to happen to you. Why? Because whatever happens to you it won’t be enough to improve your life and this waiting habit will influence other people as well.

   I hate that scene in the movies when someone gets hurt and a brave dude or dudette comes by and yells Somebody call 911! Why the f*ck don’t you do it? It’s not like you do anything to save that hurt person. I know there are only movies, but these kind of things happen in real life as well. Like at work for example, when the boss says that someone should do a task, most of the people act as if they didn’t hear that. It’s kinda sad.

   So yeah, I believe we all are influencers and it’s in our power to decide if we have a positive influence or a negative one. What kind of influence do you have on other people?

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  1. If we were more aware of our influences, childhood would be the best experience ever.
    We would finally act like adults and we would experience better versions of ourselves.

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