9 thoughts on “Are You Serious About Blogging?

  1. Yes I am…. Could you please help me about this
    Iam asking you a doubt??
    This is it
    I bought a domain and a host in bigrock . I’m blogging in WordPress with WordPress. com .
    Now I want to integrate this domain and host to WordPress.
    That is If I type the domain name I bought It should show my blog in WordPress with the latest domain name.
    Could you please send me the process. Some are saying its not possible. Saying that I can only redirect.

  2. I’m somewhere in between. Initially I enjoy blogging as a means to enjoy my pastime. But I do have a thought of making a living out of blogging, or writing in general. Initially, my blog was only for some sort of diary, set in private, mostly to express something in my mind that I could not really say. But recently… I’m starting to warm up to the idea of spreading and publishing my posts, whatever it is about.

    I guess I could some more pointers since you can consider me an amateur.

      1. I guess for now… I’ll try to make myself known more, advertise myself, like… “Need English – Indonesian translation and vice versa or a content for your website? Call me”, something like that, for a start. As of now, it’s actually my freelance job

  3. I don’t think I’m terribly serious about blogging. I like to read, and I like to write about what I read. I sometimes jot down something that might be insightful, or share a recipe I like, or something randomly funny that happened in my life. Honestly, I see some of the blogs I follow, and I think, I don’t have much to offer that’s going to be that interesting to folks!

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