Work on Your Crazy Ideas

work on your crazy ideas
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

There is no doubt that crazy ideas shaped the world into the way it is right now and who knows how the world can evolve? I often wonder how those dudes and dudettes found the courage to work on those ideas, since I’m sure that everybody back then thought they were crazy.

People are afraid of change and when something appears that might change their lives, they will try to reject it because of the fear of the unknown. They will call everybody and everything crazy, stupid, worthless, evil and so on so they can express their fear. If 12 years ago someone said that it will be a virtual place where more than a billion of people would register and share personal information with friends and strangers, that person would have probably been locked in a mental hospital. But that didn’t stop Zuckerberg to do it anyway.

Everything is crazy until people get used to it. If someone hears you for the first time saying you will be the happiest soul on this Earth, that person will probably believe you smoke something “fishy”. But if that person hears you again and again, it will become part of his/hers normality.

Actually, if we think about it, it’s our moral duty to work on our crazy ideas. Maybe our sh*t can be so important that no one else can do it but us. Can we spare the world from it? I hope not. The world it is how it is… it needs all the help it can get to evolve. We cannot let a few individuals stop us develop something that can help many others.

Yes, it will be hard, but if it is easy, it probably does not worth the effort. Think about your crazy ideas and see how you can make them part of your/our reality. Just do it!

Which crazy idea you need to make it happen?

23 thoughts on “Work on Your Crazy Ideas

  1. The hardest thing for me recently is believing in the impact I can have as a writer/ blogger or the impact my writing can have. It sometimes feels crazy to believe that I can achieve my writing dreams if I put in the effort. This is the crazy idea I need to make happen and being consistent has been helping 🙂

    1. Yes, you need to work on that! The thing is that we don’t know where life takes us, but if we don’t follow the path we want to follow, we’ll never find out.

  2. I have crazy idea someone could invent a elevator which take me to India from my work within 10-15 minutes. Crazy idea or just crazy dream?

  3. I’d love it if my crazy dream of shrink wrapping boom box cars so that only the occupants could feel/hear the bass would happen. I’d also love for an app to be mandatory on all cars that told you when there was an emergency vehicle coming in your direction, and from which direction – to help first responders deal less with traffic.

      1. It’s a thought. I’ll have to talk to the people I know in First Responders AND tech.

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