The Funny side of Psychology

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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

“How can you say that? It’s not funny to have psychological issues! You’re a horrible little human being!” Yes, I am! But psychology is more than therapy. It’s about humans and humans aren’t boring. I know because I’m part of human race (believe me, I AM).

Okay, so what’s funny about psychology? Well, think about observing how children interact. Oh boy, that’s funny! They are little selfish and egocentric humans that try to play with each other by themselves (this doesn’t make any sense, I know.).

It’s also funny if you think about human evolution. For example, I’m often wondering what was the thought process behind discovering all the condiments we use. And how many people suffered from eating the wrong plant (this is not so funny). Or what was the thought process before inventing ripped jeans. The corporations were like “Ok, these jeans have too much material in them and they look too new. Yack! Let’s make them look old and sell them as new!” Everything involves a thought process so everything was once a crazy (and maybe funny) idea. Seinfeld is one of them.

Oh, and if all of this makes no sense, don’t worry. That’s part of the funny side of psychology. When we mix stress, coffee, tiredness and a drop of hunger, the thought process tends to lose the logic. I guess that’s how Happy Tree Friends was created.

What do you find funny about psychology?

39 thoughts on “The Funny side of Psychology

  1. smart stuff. people need to eat healthier, get proper rest, exercise and stop being so easily influenced. marketing is taking over the world,lol. some people are walking advertisements. i myself have been guilty of all of the above.

  2. I love the way you perceived it.. 😀
    I like how you made it sound so simple and complicated at the same time, like when we speak about psychology, it’s very intimidating and complex for most people.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for your kind words! Psychology is a field that has lots of fancy complicated words. And it is complicated, but the words define how complicated it really is. 🙂

  3. I’m Indian so there are plenty of home remedies at hand whenever something goes wrong. And every time I use one, I often wonder how many tries it must have taken to come up with something that actually worked and how many must have born the burnt of experimentation 😛

  4. Great article! Psychology really is a funny thing we don’t think much of it but our state of mind is so important. My on blog relates to this, I would appreciate it if you want to check it out.

  5. It’s crazy how we have prioritised physical health over mental health for so long. Our brain literally controls our body, it’s scary and after reading this article… kinda funny too I guess…

  6. I feel people are hypocrite. They say that it’s okay to have psychological problems, but their thought process is stereotyped.

    1. Totally agree! As long as they haven’t experienced it by themselves, they’ll throw some false empathy just for the sake of “showing support”, but that’s it. They still judge and categorize based on their own thinking.

      1. yes, but, I’d rather say they show sympathy than empathy which hurts the other more.
        They don’t realize that there’s a difference b/w empathy and sympathy. They pity on you, considering you weak and inferior.

  7. I’ve often wondered about food (like you with spices)- how did anyone every think to mix eggs and flour and sugar and bake them???

    And if you can’t see the funny side of psychology, I don’t think you can last long studying it to be honest…

  8. The funniest thing 2 a bout psychology is that even the psychologist needs a psychologist!!

  9. It’s like you’re trying to function by yourself now and not following their paths anymore. Because as you trusted them before, they just betrayed you with their ignorance. It’s them that really needs a mental doctor because they failed to distinguish right from wrong. I agree to your idea that brain is much more important than the body. Because if the brain is damaged, other illness follows. I always focus on that on my posts. Hope you’ll consider checking this out also:

  10. Awesome article.Loved reading it.Thanks for sharing.
    If possible plz read my posts as well and give ur valuable inputs.would really appreciate it .

  11. I find it funny how we as humans overthink situations and end up stressing ourselves out, when in actuality there was nothing to stress about in the first place and everything is ok.

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