50 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 363

  1. Pinterest, because I have no idea how to use it. I keep using it to understand it better, and they say it is one of the fastest growing media platforms to raise awareness for your brand.

      1. Uhh…nothing? WordPress if it counts? However, I opened a wordpress account way after I deleted all my social media accounts like facebook, twitter etc…

      2. Anything that is social I think counts as social media, and because we converse through blogging and comments I would count it as semi social media? Kinda like how streaming video games use to not be about social media at all, it is now just about as social media as it is about gaming or whatever it is the streamer chooses to stream. If wordpress was just about writing then we would just write posts and no one would like or comment. People also now use twitter, facebook and other social media outlets to advertise and share their blogs on wordpress. Rather we like it not in today’s society everything has become social media, just different variations. But it is different and originally was suppose to be for a different purpose.

  2. None, exactly.
    Spending too much time on any makes me feel crappy just because I should be doing other things, but I’ve found benefit in all of them and can only reach certain people in different areas so I alternate my attention. Unfortunately, even a little time between FB, WP, Twitter, and IG adds up quickly. 😕

  3. Facebook. I don’t think I actually felt bad about my life but it was definitely frustrating watching so many people be so fake. Instagram is a close second, for the same reason which is also why I am currently on an Instagram break.

      1. Facebook eradicator gets rid of the newsfeed.

        And I have blocksite set up so that any time I try to use a time wasting website I’m redirected to my own website.

  4. For my experience I used many of them before and they all made me feel unpleasant. Well, I stopped because I didn’t want to read about horrible stories with torturing animals on FB and I realised that Instagram is full of fake. When nothing you can do about it it is better to run. Tv and social media they are consuming people’s souls and embracing the ego. 🤪😉😉😉

  5. I spend more time on Facebook and Instagram than I do Twitter, but I am on all of them. I use them for my blog and networking with other martial artists. The issue is I spend too much time on all of them. When I get my screen-time report every week, it sickens me. I have attempted lately to have a lower time each week. I haven’t made the leap to totally get off of any of them, though the more I learn about the lack of ethics behind Zuck and his ilk, I am nearer to that point.

    1. They are indeed great ways to bring awareness for something. That’s where people are so it makes sense to be there for networking. But sometimes the more time we spend there, the harder it is to keep a positive mood due to all that happens there…

  6. It was motivational videos on YouTube. Though it is good to watch once in a while. But previously I was watching more of them and felt like what I am doing with my life??
    But then I realized, only you can inspire yourself. Motivation comes itself when you start working. It is important to start and put your effort into..

    1. Well, maybe what you see there makes you feel bad. Maybe the way others spend their life make you feel bad about the life you have. I know there are many people that go through this. Maybe it’s not your case, which would be great! 😀

      1. Fortunately, it’s not my case. Plus, how would someone know it’s not a facade? And why let your happiness depend on what you see online?Best to work on promotng oureleves and create the life we deserve.

  7. Instagram because I keep aching to get followers so I think I might use bots, then I feel bad that the only people that like me online are fake, so I can’t decide what to do 🙄🙄 since all my friends have loads 😂😂 but then my aunt told me ‘how many of those people following your friends do they actually know ?’ Made me think.. 😂 sorry if it’s too long

  8. Non, I only read and look at what I want to see. If I don’t like something I just go on to something else. Most of what is on the media platforms has to be taken by a pinch of salt. I guess this also comes down to age. As I know younger people are influenced or manipulated to be like what they see. It can be dangerous for some of them. But media platforms are here to stay so we have to adapt like we do in other aspects of life.

  9. Instagram. Too many perfect lives, couples, relationships, jobs… it is aesthetically pleasant but from time to time I take breaks not to feel like I am in a challenge or something. Social media are always tricky to use!

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