Time heals (almost) everything

time heals
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   You probably worry about lots of things about your life. I understand that because I do it too. And sometimes I cannot f*cking help myself. There are some core beliefs installed (to which I’m working on) that keep nesting some thoughts in my mind, which throw me from my track from time to time. I’m not as strong as I’d like to be, but I know I’m not done yet.

   Thinking about my past and about all the difficulties I’ve encountered so far, I realize that time heals almost everything. Each mental pain and each obstacle that seems unbearable at the moment, will become a part of our past just as a star is a small light in the sky. When we’re next to it, it seems huge. But time will take us further and further away from that until it’s just a dot, a memory. Yes, it’s part of us, but it doesn’t define us unless we let it. If we keep looking at that problem, if we keep our focus on it, if we keep stabbing the same wound over and over again, time becomes powerless regarding that wound. The thing is that time will still pass by, but we will remain stuck in that situation and the time will pass by and we’ll get nowhere.

   Trust Your Time! It will take you to wonderful places if you let it. Don’t hold on to things that keep hurting you. You are not your past. You are the vehicle to your future. You ARE, not WERE. I try to see my time as my friend and we do different things together. I cannot allow it to do whatever it wants with me so I need to have a strict relationship with it. I love it so it can love me.

   Enough rambling for one post so I’m going to ask you one thing: What is your relationship with your time?

25 thoughts on “Time heals (almost) everything

  1. What you’ve said is so true.

    The way I’ve always looked at the bad time is that if I didn’t though all the crap and come out the other side I wouldn’t be the person I am TODAY and I have to say I quite like myself. Well actually I like myself a lot because of it. I’ve learnt to love myself. ❣️❣️❣️

  2. It scares me. I live in this sort of fear of not having enough of it, that is going to fast, etc. It’s bad!

      1. You know that I have no clue? I guess it comes from a certain shape of mind I was raised in: you do this at this age, that and this other point and so on. Then my life got “messy”, I would say, so all the planning became useless and I had to surrender to the idea I cannot control everything. But the fear of running out of time stays, unfortunately!

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with time. When I’m depressed, it drags, passes slowly, mocks me. As I swing back out of the cycle, I resent it, the passage of it, the time lost. But I also have come to realize that, as you posted, time heals pain. Things that were huge and soul-destroying in the moment ease as the distance between now and then grows.

    1. With this in mind, I think you understand that whatever makes you feel depressed, is just a moment in time. Once time allows you to gain some distance between you and that reason for depression, you’ll probably feel better.

  4. I went through trials myself and yes, time heals but I could have not made it without Jesus’ help. You might think I am weak but actually I find strength and I m not ashamed to say from the Spirit of God.i appreciate your strength and I might be weak in other people’s eyes. I enjoyed your post. Ty

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for sharing your thoughts! I don’t think your weak since you are able to find strength in God. As long as we find the strength to move forward with our life, it’s the best attitude regardless the source.

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