Questioning – The Path to a better knowledge?

The Power of Healing - Guest Post
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   I believe that asking the “right” questions can lead to the “right” answers. Because of this, I daily train myself to ask the most proper questions I can think of in the hope that this can make me better at it. Ok, answers will bring information and awareness, which can be frightening. This can help us, but it can also hurt us if we’re not ready to receive the answers we get. The things we think we know about ourselves are so deeply rooted that we perceive them as being true. And who it is to say they’re not? How do we differentiate between the things we think we know about ourselves and our true self?

   The thing is that our “true self” can contain some core beliefs that can hurt us in the long term. Think about raising with some parents that always told you you’re not good enough. What core belief do you think you’ll develop over the years? That you’re not good enough. You can end up rejecting some great things because you believe you’re not good enough to receive them. Emotions can be great indicators of what’s happening “upstairs”. We sometimes don’t realize what kind of stinky thoughts we have some time to time, but we do realize that we feel bad. When this happens, we need to ask ourselves some questions so we can understand what triggered that. This will help us change something if that’s the case or at least, we know what we should avoid, even though ignoring these will not help us in the long term.

   What do you think about questioning yourself? If you had a book with 365 question, would you answer to at least one per day?

28 thoughts on “Questioning – The Path to a better knowledge?

  1. Your daily questions make me think deep. Questions are really good.
    I would like to suggest one question :
    What was the moment when you thought that you have done some of your purpose?

      1. There are some moments that make us think that we have done something valuable. Sometimes we think that our coming into this life has been successful.What are those moments in people’s life that have made people think so ?

    1. In my opinion, it depends on how we see this questioning. For me, it’s not that I don’t trust myself, but I trust myself so much that I believe I’m capable of seeing more perspective about the same thing. When I question myself, I allow myself to see those perspectives and not only one. For me, it’s not creating self-doubt. It’s creating awareness.

  2. I likely could focus on one important question per week, yet one a day would be difficult for me to sustain for a complete circle around the sun…

      1. For me such as the following would be improvement springboards and perhaps focusing and refocusing on the same course for seven days might instill a month of action:

        How can I spend this week in prayer, but only listening not speaking?

        What struggles in the past might affect me this week?

        How can I build my momentum this week using last week’s successes?

        Who have I been thinking about, yet failed to contact?

  3. Definitely. As a teacher and a tarot reader, defining the context and the point of query is absolutely important Because it will guide what you get out of it. Reframe your mind.

      1. Yes! I’m a hyper neurotic re-reframer. All the time. It’s just trying to share my methods, once I’ve figured out how to explain the processes of ingrained and instinctive behaviours.

  4. I don’t think I’d be doing it daily – some days life just takes over from having that time to put the real thought into a an answer. One of the things that I find to be really great here is that good questions are asked, and I don’t feel compelled (or graded Eeeek!) on every one. I also like the give and take of defining the query point.
    If you are considering publishing a book of daily questions, there may be a better place to get a feel for potential purchasers than here. Then again, maybe not 🙂

      1. I believe it would be useful – especially if there were a place to write out why one responded as they did.

  5. Your curiosity and questioning will carry you far. It’s the formula and path to your true self. The most profound advice I ever received is that your true self is not discovered by accumulating more and more knowledge, but by eliminating false knowledge, piece by piece, until there is nothing left to hide the truth. And on a practical level, to keep my questions open ended, not rushing to answer them myself, but to wait for the answers to come from life as I go along with eyes and ears open. Thanks for your insightful and provocative blog.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for your kind words! I think you’re right! Throughout our life we gather so much crap others project on us that we get confused and we don’t even know what true and what’s not. Self-knowledge is a challenge…

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