What gives you joy?

introversion vs extraversion
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Sometimes life makes us forget that living is not all about running around all day from one point to another trying to solve things. As you surely noticed, some situations has some “joyfulness” potential while others don’t have it. But how many of those joyful moments or situations do you have on a daily basis?

What’s the purpose of all of this? How much crap do we endure on a daily basis just because we think we have to? The difference between living and surviving is how good we feel about our life. Problems are everywhere and because of this, we are everywhere but where we want to be. Whoever is in control must not forget that we need some positive feelings too, otherwise life sucks.

There are times when “joy” seems to be the forbidden food, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be there. It’s just a matter of time.

What is life without joy?

29 thoughts on “What gives you joy?

  1. Reality often doesn’t match fantasy. And I am a heck of a lot meaner to myself than anyone else, thinking I could find some joy making fun of my negative things going on. Now that I’m consious of that, maybe I can figure out how to find joy out of positive things?

  2. The constant suppression of joy… not a healthy thing. To a degree we are taught that if we are joyful for too long 1) something is about to go very wrong 2) only the ignorant are happy.

  3. I try to treasure those small moments of joy. They appear more often when you allow yourself the acceptance of such gifts – and a life without joy is just not living.

  4. joy exists within the intentioned breath of every living thing. as the tree breathes in, she exhales joy. it is her nature to adapt to the season, and whether filled with fruit or famine, she breathes in alignment with her seasons and never loses her joy.

      1. breathing, i think in part, yes, the manifestations. the baby that laughs does not recognize it as joy, likewise, the baby that cries does not recognize it as need. the baby is simply in joy and the baby is simply in need. only adults search for the joy, remain silent in the need and freeze grief in the breath.

    1. Well, yeah. There are parts that suck, but not all of it sucks. Now we either choose to see the sucky parts and dwell on them, or we choose to move forward despite them and see the good parts as well.

  5. Some interesting thoughts. The older I get, I tend to think it’s happiness that comes and goes with circumstances. Joy is more of a direction that the spirit points. In the Bible, it is listed as a “fruit of the spirit” (a quality of life that doesn’t come naturally, only supernaturally). 🙂

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