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  At stephaniedanielsonauthor’s suggestion, I’m going to make two “Best of” posts based on the number of views, comments and my personal affinity. This first one will be about the Question of the Day.

   In my opinion, the most surprising answers came at Question of the Day – No. 185 (What is the most helpful addiction you have?) because people usually see addictions as something bad. When we switch our perspective and we check what can truly help us, we realize what it is hurtful and what it is helpful.

   The second question, which I enjoyed, is Question of the Day – No. 238 (What are the differences between you and your ideal self?) because it brings some awareness about our future. We are the only ones deciding if we’re good enough, and if the answer is negative, we can see what’s missing. It can be an evolution path, don’t you think?

   The third question is Question of the Day – No. 229 (What makes you feel free?). This freedom feeling seems to come from many different areas. It can come from a job, from a passion, a trip, an hour by yourself, money and so on. Some people feel free when they meditate whilst others feel free when they work on their dreams.

   As stupid as it might sound, asking questions is the best way to get answers. The thing is that we sometimes forget to ask and we just fill out the blanks with whatever we think others think, but can we read minds? But in order to have the answers, we need to ask the questions, even if it might sting a little.

   What question are you afraid to ask yourself?

13 thoughts on “Best of – Question of the Day

    1. Nour Lee, “are you enough” has been the mantra of my life. Seriously. Or am I worth while? I am learning to look past what I think other people might say to what I believe to be true. Even if it’s a good opinion, it should never be more important than my opinion of myself (also, trying to get into the “their opinion of you is none of your business” mentality).

      1. I believe it’s best if you mix all of the opinions together. Yours, your trustworthy loved ones, and sometimes strangers. I believe it’s the best strategy to get the most truthful and balanced answer.

      2. I can agree with that the majority of the time. It’s best never to become so arrogant or prideful that we aren’t aware of our own faults. However, as someone who has anxiety (interpret that to mean- someone who picks themselves apart over the tiniest comments from others), I am learning to trust my own opinion of myself. As Bogdan (DM) says in the comment below, it really depends on someone’s perspective of good and enough. I don’t want to base whether I’m a “good person” or “enough” off of anyone else’s opinion anymore. Though I do feel it’s very important to consider other’s perspective on other insights, because I agree that it’s crucial to grow as a human being. 🙂

      1. you really want to know? 🙂 If we’re afraid from the question so how come the answer? But I will answer that no I didn’t I was too afraid to

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