115 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 185

      1. > And how is life through sober eyes?

        Nicer, Quietly and Sleepier 😉

        Just like::
        What a wonderful life around is! (Let’s have a little nap 😉 )
        The problem is as usual it’s easy to get a cup of coffee but not a nap.
        People don’t like it. You just can’t sleep where you are.
        Life is a struggle.


      2. > I see your point. What determined you to quit drinking coffee?

        Understanding. Here is my logic: I do not use cigarettes, cocaine or such like stimulants so why should I use caffeine?

        To say true, I heard someday that Pavel Durov (young IT billionaire like Elon M) have a
        1. Alcohol
        2. Meat
        3. Pills and any other pharma drug
        4. Nicotine and other drugs
        5. Coffee, black and green tea, energy drinks
        6. Fast food, sugar, sodas
        7. TV and its analogs

        I eat meat and sure will be listen to medic people (no homeopathy of course), but in all in all, I agree with him.

    1. That’s interesting. Maybe it can help you if you make a daily writing plan with a daily quota of words/pages to write?

      1. I read an article on loneliness. It said instead of depending on something or somebody to overcome loneliness, we should look at it as an opportunity to explore ourselves and our thoughts. That is when the wisdom of life reveals itself to us. I think I won’t look at loneliness again like before but will see it as an opportunity to grow.

      2. True. When it actually happens its not easy to see an opportunity but then when we read such things we try our best to believe in them and that helps to come out of the bad.

  1. Don’t have one, “playing life by ear”… 🙂

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

    1. I find this to be one of the best addictions out there because it can only make us better and better until our life on this earthy spinning ball ends.

    1. I believe that blogging offers us some freedom that we cannot find in writing books or things like that because we ca approach different topics at a time. A blog can be incoherent from one post to another, don’t you think? 🙂

      1. Not always. I realize how much it helps everything and that’s why I do it. Honestly, I like water, but I love Coca Cola, and wine, and beer, and juice, and vodka. None of those make my body as healthy as water, so even though I enjoy them, I make sure I get enough water too.

      1. Insomnia and some illness as a child. Hey, if you can’t sleep, you may as well read. Because at that time, TV stations stopped broadcasting at a certain point, and even if they didn’t, there wasn’t a lot to entertain a 5 or 6 year old. But books? Always available. It was also something I could do in quiet in my room and not get busted for, unlike, say – getting out of bed to play with toys.

  2. I always start my day by being silent. Then I “exercise” by airing out my home, making beds, cleaning, taking my dogs for a walk. Then, I dive into career tasks. This routine keeps me energized all day!

  3. i’m a little compulsive about things being organized. i get uncomfortable when the aren’t. the good is that i almost never lose anything; i always know where things are.

      1. I am a very cool and collected fellow… In the outside. One of the biggest focus in the next six months is to not internally take things in so personal.

        Sharpening my strategic planning

        Focus on being more effective in my 24hrs

        Reassess my new budget

        I’ve progressed through the last 10 years pretty drastically like stop smoking, stop eating meat, becoming a positive person and I keep short and long time goals. The long term goals keeps me chasing, the short term goals help shape myself to appreciate what’s coming to me


  4. I write down everything. To the point that it’s cheaper to buy bottles of ink.
    Fortunately, this means I’ve probably taken note of just about anything.
    If I can find it…

    1. That’s great! You take out whatever might occupy your mind and in this way you can have more space to focus on what’s important for you.

  5. The sound, feel, and smell of rain. It is my calming fix, for someone who internalizes so much already just to stay calm.😅 It also helps that rain doesn’t happen every day where I live. I wouldn’t get much done.

  6. Because caffeine in the coffee can make you addicted. Normally, we enjoyed things we addicted, right? Related to your question, hepful addiction that can make your life, helpful. Errr… i think so. (Smiling)

  7. As for coffee, for me… ya. But for others, i don’t know. Different people, different perspective. But whether it’s a helpful addiction or not, as long as it help, as long as you moderate and balance the addiction… so that you are not too addict with something you like, it should be okay. I think so. Because for me, it’s dangerous when you have “too” in anything you do. Ya? (Smiling)

  8. If someone loses something, I’m obsessed with looking for it and finding it. Maybe this is my way of having a god complex since I’m not a doctor due to my aversion to seeing blood.

    1. Maybe, or maybe you have a desperate need to solve problems. Do you have the same obsession when it comes to other situations as well?

      1. Honestly, it’s a few different things. I don’t like losing things because it creates an inordinate amount of negative emotions within and I don’t want others feeling like this.

        I also kind of feel like a somewhat hero finding lost things for others. Like I spared them a possible day of stress and misery.

  9. Coffee, and it’s not even about the caffeine (though it does help)! There’s something about the smell and leisurely sipping it, that takes me to a peaceful place. It brings back memories of childhood when things were much simpler. Plus, scientifically speaking, coffee is good for you right? I’m pretty sure this is a fact – maybe not 5 cups a day though… 🙂

    1. Yes, it is helpful, but in certain quantities.
      I guess there is something about coffee that it is linked to your childhood. 🙂

      1. I just looked it up; sounds like it could have some health benefits too, when consumed in moderation? Thanks! I may give it a try!

      1. Mainly non-fiction these days; my blog is mostly about the recent ideas I’ve encountered. But I also read s lot of philosophy and fiction—mainly the classics at the moment.

    1. Sure! I wanted to go with coffee, but it’s not that helpful so I’ll choose blogging. I got to a point where I feel uncomfortable if I don’t answer to comments or if I don’t prepare a post for the day.

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