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But First, Find Your Keys

The only thing that we’re lacking, is a hard kick on our butts. It gets us started. No matter how hard the task is, the strength to handle it comes from facing it on-the-spot.

But how is a face-off possible when we aren’t even showing our faces to the problem itself?

I’ve observed the magic of this thought while writing articles.

To be honest, 90% of my posts are completely unplanned. I don’t know for certain what I have to write. How will my story hit the ground running? Whatever!

I have an idea. I have a killer headline. I start right away.

When I had just started writing, I was rejecting 60% of the ideas that were naturally coming to me. Why? Because my mind used to drag me into over-planning.

I used to write posts in my head. But when my mind used to fear the elaboration on this topic, it used to reject that topic. The rejection had a reason. That elaboration of the idea was not possible.I used to keep following my mind unconsciously.

The next day, I saw a great article from some other guy. That too based on the same idea I had in my mind.

Why could I not write? Or pass my mind’s fear? Because I didn’t sit on my chair and start whacking my fingers on the keyboard straight away. If I would have done that, a full-length story could’ve been published.

It was just yesterday, that I started a new draft. I had a title in mind. But I wasn’t sure if I could write much over it. I was starting with no plans, no conclusion, and no nothing.

As I started, it seemed weird to me. As if my writing was going wrong.


I scrapped up the whole thing.

Told my mind to stop intimidating me to meet its needs.

Started all over again.

Crisp and fresh.

But with the same idea and context in mind.

I boundlesslywrote. I didn’t look back on what I was writing.

It all began with a simple start.

You need to water your lawn. Seems like a tough job! Read on and follow the steps.

To pump water, you must first turn it on. The rest will happen. Your ball’s going to get rolling the moment you decide to make it roll.

See? It’s that simple! All we need to do is start.

Want to take a cold shower? Go fetch your towel.

Want to write a book? Create a file in your computer or buy a notebook.

Want to get up from the couch? Just place your leg in a different posture!

When people say that you write one word. They don’t mean it letter to letter. They just want you to get started!

A single step could break all the inertia sitting within us. A start has all the power to do that!

I found this technique great for writers. Because freshers (like me) almost entirely lack this wonderful trait — starting their engines.


If you have an idea in your head, then start right away. Don’t sit back and plan too much.

People who stress on making outlines and points for their articles don’t seem logical to me.

The only sound judgment in writing is that you sit. After that, stay in the present moment and God shall guide you through your writing.

In the traditional words of today,

Go with the flow

When marine life lives with the flow, it is thriving. But when it is stuck in stagnant water or against the flow, it soon loses its life. Struggling.

Creating a fixed agenda and a plan and a rigid outline is like dropping your fish into the stagnant water.

Many ideas don’t make much sense. Because you’re thinking by reason and your mind, as usual, is trying to analyze and judge it. But when you’re writing, it comes from your heart. And I don’t think any logic or judgment can stand in its way.

I am a great believer in this idea and try to follow it as much as possible.

Our mind makes things worse by giving justifications, judgments, reasoning, etc. to problems. It’s my own experience. When the problem comes face-to-face, and your mind is no more passing comments, you get stronger.

We find the strength to deal with those problems without fail. But not prior to them. They just can’t. Their production, supply and marketing is available during the present moment.

I call this on-the-spot vaccination.

Good luck starting your engines and revving it through your way ahead!

(Oops…looks like the conclusion went too long! 😊)

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6 thoughts on “Start Your Engines…Now

  1. Thanks.

    Finding my keys will be easy if I would just start the search.

    On Mon, Jan 7, 2019, 17:02 Pointless Overthinking Aspiring Author posted: ” But First, Find Your Keys The only thing that > we’re lacking, is a hard kick on our butts. It gets us started. No matter > how hard the task is, the strength to handle it comes from facing it > on-the-spot. But how is a face-off possible when we aren’” >

  2. Finding the keys has never been the problem. finding the ignition to put into is another issue completely. I think my biggest issue is having the idea and then going, “Ah, shucks, no one except me would be interested in that.”

    1. Thank you! Well, actually there’s no specific strategy I follow. But since you asked, I boiled down my technique to these two tips. Ask one question, “Would I click on this article among tons of more?”

      And, we should try to design a headline that creates an emergency. That makes the reader feel a need to click on your article. Simple.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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