Enter The Good Vibes Zone

enter the good vibes zone
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Provided by Brandi from Afrologik

   A lot of our “grown up” time on this planet is spent doing what we “have to do“. Working, paying bills, spending our time and energy on people and things that we probably wouldn’t choose on our own, but it’s what has to be done (adulting sucks!). If we are not careful, we can allow that tolerance of things that are not very enjoyable leak into other areas of life and before long, we’ll find ourselves going through the motions. It’s very easy to become stuck in this position but it is difficult to break free from it.


   The Good Vibes Zone is whatever you want it to be. It’s always a static free space. No responsibilities. No annoying coworkers. No bills to pay! No, it is not a fantasy place. It’s very real, but most of us have blocked it from our brains because we’ve allowed what we have to do become our only priorities. Guess what? YOU are a priority also! You’ve just forgotten.

   Remember when you were a kid and could make anything into a toy? When I was a kid, I had tons of toys. I was heavily into Barbie. I’m sure that I had every Barbie product. The house, cars, spa, RV, and plenty of dolls and clothes for them. With all of those great toys that I most likely asked for, I also played with: hair rollers, sticks, erasers, pencils, rubber bands, bottles- basically anything that I could get my hands on. Why? Because any and everything was whatever I wanted it to be. The possibilities were endless. My mind was always creating something else and I used random objects to articulate what my mind wanted to create. Life was good and boredom definitely was not a thing. I’m certain that I am not the only kid who did this.

   The good news is that the kids that we were then are still inside of us. They try to communicate with us but we quiet them, since we have so many adult things that need tending to. As a result, we become uptight, stagnant, lethargic, bitter, and just plain dull.


   Recently, I’ve began letting the kid inside of me have one hour per day to come out and play. We do what ever she wants to do. If she wants to go to the park, we go. If she wants to blast music and dance, we do. Even when she wants to climb things and fall off of things, we do (adult me usually pays the price for that…). Sometimes I let her play for more than an hour.

   The time that I spend with “Little Me” reminds me that I am still vibrant, energetic, active, and HERE! When I am with her, the only time is NOW; so there is no reason to worry about things that I cannot fix right now, or things that have not and might not happen. “Little Me” never worries about what other people say or do because she is free.

   There are even times when I allow her to take the wheel in adult situations because she is too smart to take herself too seriously. She’s very self aware.


   I challenge everyone who reads this blog to spend a little time this weekend finding “Little You” and let him/her guide you to the Good Vibes Zone. Schedule some play dates and watch life become less of a drag!

19 thoughts on “Enter The Good Vibes Zone

  1. I work as a Contractor in a County’s Justice System. When I see fifteen years old coming to Court and not going home it depresses me to know that we are more focused on Punishing than bending the Twig. My Turbulent Teen was overcame by having secret Places in the Woods and on the Ocean where I went to escape Peers Pressure. Today my secret Places are even more important when I go there my Thoughts are so clear I have Written a Blog in fifteen minutes not having to think about what next when I am there I write with a Pen and Paper. Not having my Secret Places I would be a Basket Case.

    1. Great strategy! We need “secret places” so we can clear our minds from time to time… otherwise we might hurt people because of our own frustrations.

    1. That’s the best way to live. As children, we were innocent and open to the possibilities — not aware of consequences and responsibilities, just free! Thank you for your comment!

      1. Yes! We have this notion that we have greater freedom as adults, but the truth is, we were much freer as children. Freedom is not just about making choices. True freedom is about not making a choice is one wishes.

  2. I liked your “Little Me” concept. I think it’s actually a really important exercise to try to think back on what we were like as children and how we’ve changed as we’ve grown older.

  3. Nice post and thought, as well as a good practice. I must be good at it because despite being in my early 60’s my wife says I behave like a 16 year old. Also both my daughter and daughter in-law are elementary school teachers. I live for the stories they tell me of the kids and that innocence. I lost that good vibe zone for far too long, maybe even a few decades, but I’ve found it again. I guess its a comfort level, as an adult letting yourself free to think like a child. To wander to that back creek and see a frog and be amazed. To look at a office trash can and see a battle helmet. To just dive in the water without checking the temperature first. To take the time away from being an adult. Well enough fantasy time, I’ve got to pay some bills. But I will return.

    1. YESSSS!! Right on! I cringe when I think of anyone calling me the “M” word… you know, “mature”. I don’t now and I have never strived to be mature. It takes away from my freedom, the fun part of me. I have bills to pay and work to do, I also have kids (not babies), still what’s most important to me is that I stay, not necessarily young, but youthful. I’m not much different than I was when I was 6 or 7 years old. Not many people can handle that, but I sure that I “live” more than they do, because they’re inhibited.

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