Self-introduction for the self-proclaimed expert on everything

It is 6:30pm, 29th November 2018. Allow me to introduce myself for this is my first blog post to this amphitheatre of cerebral constellations. You may know me from my own website Modern Mystic Mother from stuff and places and things. Or you may have seen my RAH-TA-TA-DA-BLAH-ZAH words (that sometimes make coherent sentences..?) in the comments of this very place.

I know it seems a bit of a farce that there is DM, and BM and now there is KM. I am truly laughing hysterically in the depths of my soul. I laugh because I see it as that the three of us form a familial trinity – DM is the father who created this here page. BM is the young boy who is still hopeful and wishes to emulate his heroes. And then there is me, K,  the wild-card. A wily woman of the world, whipping words of wisdom, alternating between YELLING THEM (and speaking in whispers).

But I assure you it is mere coincidence. Allow me to explain my position (for I only know anything of my own self, truly).

The featured image I have used is a photograph of myself when I was a kidlet. The K is the first initial of my name. The M represents Modern Mystic Mother (my point of origin), and I am in the centre of the two. To show you the real me, an avatar to represent my words and musings here in this Cerebral Auto-Theatre.

I know I am pretty trash at keeping up with my intentions and track of my directions. I am that quintessential “FOMO YOLO” everything-to-everyone NEEDY kind of girl. I’m super enthusiastic and EMOTIVE. I am quite reactive, not accustomed to driving my own motivations.

So I have decided I will do here much the same as what I do over at the other blog to which I am also a contributor: Just talk about my most recent blog post (that I feel is necessary, relevant or beneficial) in the context of the interests of the apparent audience.

And pointless overthinking? I don’t think it is pointless at all. I overthink EVERY-GOSH-DARN-THING and…? I don’t know. Nothing. Thinking or over-thinking changes nothing, impacts nothing, affects no change whatsoever – EXCEPT in the mind of the individual who actually does any of the thinking.

I only write of my own words, of my day to day life. I am emotional and in the present and don’t know any futures but I know how to make predictions based on thorough logical projections.

I know growing up I had a really bad reputation and I know most of it was quite deserved. I ended up in a lot of bad situations that, however, only appeared “bad” more than actually being bad in themselves.. It was usually a matter of perspective and context and circumstance, yet people often think they know as much as they need to know upon first glance and rarely afford the chance to allow one to explain the situation. Especially when it happens more than once, or even twice.

How many times must a coincidence occur before it transforms into conspiracy?

How many times have you wanted to believe something was true, only to be presented with so many reasons to doubt?

How many times have you been completely certain of something, 100% without the shadow of a doubt KNOW something to be right and another thing wrong, only to be shown otherwise? Maybe you could both be right, both be wrong, or some coalescent mixture between?

Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Trust yourself to know the truth. Because when you trust yourself and your own judgement, you’ll become much better at figuring out who else you can trust, too.

PS, sorry Ramon Colon. I didn’t end up writing about the importance of responding to stuff at all. LOL.

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    1. Nothing is finite. You are allowed to make mistakes. It’s how we learn and improve and do better next time. You’re also allowed to change your mind any time you so desire.
      Be true to you.

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