Best Friend at Work

Do you have a best friend at work? And if you’re the boss, do you think most of your employees would be able to name a co-worker they consider a best friend? Surveys carried out in the US show the following findings: 84% of respondents said a job can’t truly be good unless they have … More Best Friend at Work

Self-introduction for the self-proclaimed expert on everything

It is 6:30pm, 29th November 2018. Allow me to introduce myself for this is my first blog post to this amphitheatre of cerebral constellations. You may know me from my own website Modern Mystic Mother from stuff and places and things. Or you may have seen my RAH-TA-TA-DA-BLAH-ZAH words (that sometimes make coherent sentences..?) in the … More Self-introduction for the self-proclaimed expert on everything

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   I believe that changing our mindsets will change our lives. There isn’t a right recipe for this because we are all different and since we are different, we have different mindsets. We might have the same thoughts from time to time, but how we came up with those thoughts differs from a person to … More Become My Patron