39 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 219

      1. Yes, they do…to 3 yo mom is playmate, hugs, cuddles; to 11 mo(who is 26 lbs), I’m the transportation, jumper, and provider of food along with the other stuff mentioned. 3 yo adores me so much, he calls Dad “mama” too(burns hubby up🤣)😁😁😁

      2. Awwwww, Scherezade, that is sooo sweet. I can dig it! 💕

        The 11-month-old at 26 lbs sounds familiar. Mine was just as big. His pediatrician put him on a diet at 3 months old because he was HUGE. 😁 That didn’t stop him though, he would holler whenever I tried to stick to the diet. 😃 Hahaha…The good ole days.

  1. That I am stronger than I think I am. Every time I thought something would break me, I come out of it better than I went in. And also, I’ll never learn how to walk without tripping over air.

      1. Legal. For that is finite and discrete. Difficult to change. It was given by others and thus by others it can really only be taken away.

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