The Ultimate Plan For A Productive Week – Guest Post

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In today’s world productivity is a key requirement to complete all of the day’s task in a particular time frame. Our life is so busy nowadays that there is a constant need to plan ahead of time, to ensure everything is done at right time. Though sometimes we fail to follow our plans, as life throws surprises at us. This eventually makes us demotivated and incapable to achieve our set goals. In order to stay consistently productive, we need to design a flexible plan to accommodate any unanticipated event. Otherwise things could become hectic leaving us in a stressed state of mind, at the end of the day.

Now, moving on towards the planning of our week, right at its beginning. It is wise to plan at the start of every week on a specific day so that the things would go in a flow, leaving us satisfied with ourselves. I don’t consider it a good option to plan at the start of every month, as it’s a long time period, so it’s prone to become an unrealistic plan. A week’s plan is realistic for a lot of people as they are quite sure of the forecomings of a week than that of a month.

The recipe to create a realistic plan for a productive week is the following. Firstly, we will select our weekly goals. This constitutes of every goal, from most important to the less important ones. It is necessary to write them according to priority. For instance you have to do your laundry and complete your university application (which is more important to you) so you would write university application at the top and laundry at the bottom in your list. This way we would achieve the most demanding ones first, which would give confidence to work towards the less demanding ones. So, there are chances that we will be able to achieve all of them subsequently.

Next, we should make a list of tasks for each goal by creating a plan of action for every weekly goal. This provides us with paramount steps needed take in order to achieve any goal. Then, we would just have to follow the plan, rather than making an extra effort to think and then falling into the trap of procrastination. We will do this for each and every goal, so it would become obvious that how to and what to do to achieve the next goal on our list. For example, if the goal is about your university application then you will write every single detail about it. Such as, from where you need to gather stuff for it, what you need to submit along with it, who do you need to talk to etc.

After that, the crucial thing to do is to schedule all of your week’s tasks. As almost all of us knows about their routine and at what time they perform a certain task, so you would need to select the appropriate time and day for every task accordingly. Like, if you have class at 3 and need to complete your assignment as well, so you would choose any time that wouldn’t clash with timing of your class or any other important thing.

Then, take your list of tasks and separate them into daily to do lists for the week. This would finally give your plan an organized form, which would be easier to comprehend and follow later. At the start of every day, you need to review the listed items for a particular day. Thus, at the end of the day you would be free of worries and certainly have peace of mind. To illustrate more, suppose you have to complete an assignment, do your laundry, organize your cupboard at Sunday, so you would put it under the heading of Sunday.

However, there are times when you unfortunately don’t have time to finish a certain task. In such situation, you are required to add it to the to do list of the following week. This is how you give your plan flexibility for an unforeseen time.

Without such a plan, things might go haphazardly for busy bees. To sum up, it’s beneficial to create a weekly plan. As this whole plan, could be a source of productivity for those who have hectic and mismanaged routines.


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  1. Ah, this is the world of mid-life moms. A to-do list. I tell me kids, “If you don’t see me write it down, don’t expect it to happen.” 🙂 Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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