The Team Expands

The Team Expands
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   I’m happy to announce you that the Pointless Overthinking team expands with two new members. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the two posts Aspiring Author, the creator of Connecting Dots, already made for us. He is one of the new members I’m happy to welcome to this team!

   The newest member is Allie, the creator of Hey Mom, Now What?, who I’d also like to welcome to the team!

   I’m very excited that the team is expanding and moreover, because you will benefit of great content! I assure you that all of us are working together to make this “pointless” experience as great as possible because your life matters so we want to make whatever we can to improve it!

36 thoughts on “The Team Expands

      1. I swear to bejaysus I wanna work on writing a book with you though. I am so down for that. 🙂 I’m just…. ugh. Trying to find time I guess. There’s 4 weeks left before summer school holidays. Maybe I can write stuff then. Or whatever.

      2. Omfg lots of things. Hahaha. Mostly education, mental illness, metaphorical and or metaphysical prisons or cages. Perceptions and perspectives. LOL
        A shit ton of stuff. I like to write about the people I know, the stuff I’ve experienced, my side of the story. Meta-myth and stuff. It’s so broad. It really… comes down to… the precise moment what I feel I want to write about.
        That’s why I love questions! Because then I can ramble on from that beginning point, talk in circles, and then tie it off in a nice knotted bow. Lol

    1. To write at least one post per week about any topic related with psychology, mindset or motivation. And to engage with the community 🙂

      1. Then I feel i may be an honorary member. Lol just… without the weekly articles. Because.. I haven’t written any in ages. Lol And I always used to write them on my blog anyway haha

  1. That is great news. In as much as i am not a frequent blogger, i really enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the inspiring work. I cant wait to experience the good read that the new team is going to bring

  2. Woohoo! I am looking forward to growing along with this blog as its audience encourages us to serve them with more such content! And a huge thanks to DM, without whom, none of us would be here.

    The credit of this active and fun community goes to DM!

    I’ve received so much encouragement from all of you that I can’t thank enough.

    And by the way, welcome to the team, Allie!

      1. I can’t get a handle on what we’re talking about. It seems too … insubstantial. Maybe we should start in more concrete terms. I am called Robert. I live in York, in the UK. The temperature is close to zero and so I wore a jumper and a coat as I walked to work this morning. My fingers are getting warmer and faster as they type this. I just scratched my left cheek. How are your cheeks and what’s the weather like where you’re at? 🙂
        And as for the scepticism – I barely know what the word means. Some kind of sense of disbelieving?

      2. My name is Bogdan and I live in Iasi, Romania. The temperature here is also below zero and it’s snowing right now for the second time in this winter. My cheeks are ok for now because I’m inside, but they will face some coldness in a few hours when I get out from work.

      3. Okay, how about feelings?
        I feel anxious because I have an assignment that’s due in tomorrow and I’m typing this instead of typing my assignment. I feel that I should be hungry because it is lunch time and yet I just ate a big bag of crisps. I feel warm right now. I feel strangely washed of emotion, like I’ve been meditating (sounds like medicating, but it’s not) too much; but I haven’t. I feel that life is too much and yet not enough. I feel human.

      4. Well, I’m anxious about my upcoming book and I’m excited about the fact that this blog is growing. I’m happy about the fact that Christmas is coming and that I’ll have some time off from work.

      5. I feel you. How about this one then:
        What beliefs are at the core of you as a person, Bogdan?
        For me?
        I believe that music is the fundamental ground beneath all that is.
        I believe that enlightenment can be reached if we can learn to balance on the thin line between silence and sleep.
        I believe that experience is more important than book learning.
        I believe that all beliefs are amenable to change.
        Over. 🙂

      6. One of my core beliefs is that out perspective is defining the way we’re living our life. That’s the reason why I made this blog. To bring some awareness in this area.

      7. Let’s say you see a car accident. Your first thought might be “thank God no one died” and another viewer’s perspective might be “shit, he has to repair his car”. The first thought might bring some gratitude whilst the other might bring anxiety.

      8. Nice example, Bogdan. Practical and concise. Trouble is, there are so many aspects to life, each having so many points of view that it can’t be easy to find a stable place to stand from which to see them all. But then again – I suppose that’s life.
        I suppose that unless one chooses something like a deep spiritual practice with a defined set of ‘rules’ (for example) then it’s easy to get confused in life. Could you give control of your life away in order to gain clarity?

      9. I’m not sure if in order to gain clarity we need to give control of our lives… we can “borrow” rules which seem to suite us.

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