Movie Thoughts – Orphan (2009)

Movie Thoughts   This movie is pretty f*cked up. It’s a horror movie about a family adopting a little girl who turns out to be not as little as they thought (you can find more about it here). It’s the first time I’m writing about a horror movie, but this one is interesting because it involves a special kind of mindset, the mindset of a psychopath.

   A psychopath is a person, who has a personality disorder characterized as being uncaring, irresponsible, overconfident, selfish, violent, superficial and impulsive (Psychology Today). Even though the “little girl” doesn’t seem to be impulsive, those violent moments from the bathroom are used to express that cumulative impulsiveness at a desired time). Basically, she managed to take control over what her only “weakness”.

   Why am I writing about this movie? Well, I found it fascinating how she managed to fool all those people. It reminded me about this post I wrote a while back about how or if we can truly know someone. Imagine how helpful she could have been for the society if she used her “powers” to do well. But that’s not how things work, do they? There is one thing I didn’t quite understand about this movie: why did they want to adopt a new child since they already had two of their own? I don’t think it was explained anywhere in the movie. Sure, I can assume it’s because their third child was born dead so they needed to compensate that loss. At some point, Kate (the mother) said that they should take the love they carry for that dead child and put it into someone that truly deserves it so they decided to adopt a new child. Once I’ve seen that I was like Helloooo!? You have to other children! Maybe you could use that “extra” love with them? After they adopted the girl, guess what happens? They began to ignore their son so they didn’t have that “extra” love.

   Another interesting fact is how much appearance matters and how important is our reputation. Kate used to be an alcoholic and even though she remained sober, she did something that proved the contrary and no one believed her. The context was more important than the word of that person and that’s because we jump to conclusions without getting all the facts. If you were an alcoholic and you are seen with a bottle of wine, people will automatically assume you started drinking again. If you are an ex-con, people will be suspicious around you. That’s how bad reputation works.

   Even though there are aspects that have no logic, overall it’s an interesting movie. What are your thoughts about this movie? Have you seen it?

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  1. Omg I love over analysing pop culture! I love it! Because I love people watching, but only when it’s dramatic and fun and shit. Not boring people watching in a park.
    I find it fascinating too! And it’s amazing. I feel bad for Esther, because she’s lonely and just wants to be loved. But she has no idea that it’s weird, her whole “daddy love me sexy me” thing. There are bdsm kink dynamics that could fulfill that hole in her heart. She has no idea how fucked up she’s being, and I applaud the mum for just fucking stepping up. So many people jump to so many conclusions based on bad timing. Omg the story of my life. I know a lot of my past was because I put myself in those positions.. i allowed myself to be perceived that way because of just being there in the first place. And it’s why I’m scared to put my face online or put my name because of that Lifestyle creep… I’m comfortable being me, but if I want to life authentically, I have to act it. I have to be it. Excuse me while I flinch at ever sound, in fear of the impending smite

    1. It’s pretty interesting to think beyond the action of the movie and get to some deep shit. This movie got me there.

  2. I love this movie.

    Personally I applaud anyone who chooses to adopt, rather than have a biological child. As for why they chose to have another child at all, I guess you could ask why anyone with two children would choose to have more? It’s such a common thing to do that I I suppose movie makers just assume they don’t need to explain it.

    I don’t remember the wine bottle bit, but it is kind of sad how we tend to categorise people and put them into stereotypes with set patterns of behaviour. It’s lazy.

    1. I guess it is lazy. It’s easier to just put someone in a certain category instead of just trying to know and understand that person.

  3. I’m not much of a movie fan. Have no idea why, just movies bore me including horror movies. I actually find most horror movies as funny over horror such as the recent one the Nun.

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