grayscale photography of human skull

Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The Cost of Consciousness Neuroticism is the trait associated with negative emotions. It can be broken down into the following two aspects: Volatility and Withdrawal.  Those high in withdrawal may be described as anxious, self-conscious, depressive and easily overwhelmed. Whereas those high in volatility may be described as touchy, irritable and unstable. In contrast, those low in both may be described as calm, happy, easy-going … Continue reading Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The “person-in-the-world” approach

   The whole point of psychology is to understand the human being, but sometimes it drifts away from this and it tends to see a person as a bunch of projected theories. Some years ago, a dude called Rollo May said something like “F*ck this sh*t! I’m going to make psychology about humans again!” and he developed the existential therapy, which is: “[..] a form … Continue reading The “person-in-the-world” approach

Movie Thoughts – Orphan (2009)

   This movie is pretty f*cked up. It’s a horror movie about a family adopting a little girl who turns out to be not as little as they thought (you can find more about it here). It’s the first time I’m writing about a horror movie, but this one is interesting because it involves a special kind of mindset, the mindset of a psychopath.    … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Orphan (2009)