42 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 165

  1. Listen to them but you don’t have to believe them. They are only doing the best they know how. Trust yourself, you’ll have your chance to have your say. Forgive but don’t forget. Love and don’t resent. It will be tough but you’re made of the same stuff that heroes are made of. But remember not every hero has their story remembered. But that’s okay. You don’t need it, you’re more than that. You are everything and everywhere. You’re what allows for life and death. Your existence is beautiful. You only have to exist.

  2. That life will be hard, but you are strong, and you will make it. No matter how bad it gets, you will make it, and be all the stronger for it.

  3. Minimize debt and take care of your credit, and be accountable for your weight by getting on the scale weekly no matter what!

  4. Be kind to yourself. You will always give 100% in all you do…stop needing perfection and appreciate the small things. Others may let you down but it says more about them then you. Mostly just remember you are a good person and you are worth it…whatever “it” may be.

      1. Well as much as I would love to say I would have told my younger self to stay in school (as far as the teenage years go), I think I would focus on the mental health issues. I would take the opportunity to sit down with my young self and assure me that I am allowed to have feelings, but depression and anxiety are real issues here. The things I’m doing in response to how I am feeling are not healthy for me. I would encourage my teenage self to seek counseling of some sort. And do my best to assure my young teen self that it’s going to be okay.

        Since you said teen to twenties, I’m going to go with early twenties here. At this point in my life, I would tell myself to be a bit more assertive and cautious around others. I would want to encourage myself to focus on getting my life together. Focus on things like health, building myself up for a brighter future, being perhaps a bit more adventurous and to of course quit smoking before I actually did.

  5. Teens to twenties? Now is the time to seriously take care of your body, and that means eating better and finding exercise you like to do daily. When you feel it’s time to get out of a relationship, do it. It’s not going to improve. When a doctor talks down to you, get up and walk out of that office – he works for you not the other way around. Mental health issues are part of who you are, you’re strong enough to deal with them. It’s not just being over reactive.

  6. What would I tell my younger self?

    “Hey you! Yeah you. Go after what you want to do and don’t let others who make fun of you get under your skin. You wanna be the next Bruce Lee? Then train like Bruce Lee. You wanna be the first human on Mars? Then study like no tomorrow. If and when you go through failure, all you have to do is get yourself back up and keep going. If you give up out of fear, then you’ll be a loser. Never stop pursuing your dreams, kid, because you got what it takes.”

  7. To take a step back and think twice before every important decision I will make in the years to come. Every advice that comes from the elders is worth it’s weight in gold. Put aside the youthful arrogance and make better choices. In love. In the career path. Lose that temper not those friends. And laugh a little more, it doesn’t cost a thing!

  8. Pay more attention to your own opinion of yourself than you do to others’ opinions of you.

  9. Whatever you want to do, start NOW! Fear is just a dragon in your path. Since you created it, you’re strong enough to kill it, or at least, make it your b*tch!

  10. Get mental health help. Don’t date my ex and study hard. Also to start crossing things off your bucket list like learning Piano and traveling. Also get a better grip on your diabetes and finally don’t be friends with certain people and be careful with relationships. I’m sure there’s more but yeah. I’d probably hit my younger self and say β€œWhat the hell are you doing?” πŸ˜‚

  11. LOVE YOURSELF. It is not selfish – it is necessary so you can find your self worth and define how you expect to be treated by others. I have been way too nice to the wrong people and paying for it years later. Know your worth and have self respect to walk away from toxic situations before it is too late.

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