The Motivational Dream Chart

Why do we live?   Thanks to beckyallinclusive I remembered that there is a way to boost our motivation. It is recommended for us to write our goals down and read them daily for maintaining our motivation levels up. But what if we don’t know our goals? What if we need more time to find them and we also need motivation for that search?

   A great way to get motivated is to have a dream chart. This is a collection with things that we want to have/do in this life. For example, you want a big house? Find a picture with a house, print it and stick it on a wall. You want the newest phone out there? Do the same thing. You want to climb the Himalayas? Print a photo with those mountains and stick it on the same wall. Did you find an awesome quote that gets you inspired? Use it as a background image for your phone. Whenever you have/do something from your dream chart, replace that image with something else that you want.

   The idea behind this is that whenever we see the things that we want, we feel good. We’ll get used to the idea that someday we’ll have that and that will give us the energy to do the things that can get us there.

   The dream chart is used to improve our imagination. Sometimes we can’t even imagine how it would be to have the things we really want, but looking at them daily can create a habit of imagining how it would be to have them. Also, in time, we would feel just like we have them and that would be a step closer getting them. “Fake it ‘till you make it!”, right?

   Do you have a dream chart? If so, what influence does it have on your life?

17 thoughts on “The Motivational Dream Chart

  1. I have a dream chart-unfortunately it’s scattered all around my head. Thank you for the idea to have the picture and hang it up. Great for the visual person like me!

    1. My pleasure! It’s a great way to gather all those scattered pictures from your head for a bigger motivational impact!

  2. A vision board. Kind of the same thing. The things I want in my life on a board that I can see often putting in my vision my goals. My condo was on my vision board and now I’m here.

    1. Yes, it seems like the same thing. Did you find motivation seeing the condo every day before you had it?

      1. I think after awhile I just stopped caring about the things that I thought would make me happy. I realized didn’t need a house in Montana or a llama, well maybe I still need a llama. I guess once I woke up I realize happiness can’t be purchased at the store. Sure I had other things on the board too, but if I don’t get published it won’t be the end of the world.

      1. Sometimes the vision gets so familar that I don’t notice it anymore so I have to rearrange the pictures or get an new picture to replace it. This is especially true for long term goals.

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