34 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 84

  1. I’d like to talk to J.K.Rowling; she’s the love of my nerdy side. I’d talk about how she made me start reading and hold on to Writing! I’d talk about depression and how she dealt with in a way that’s still helping me overcome mine… I’d laugh along cuz I’m a goof though.

      1. Oh yeah, I know exactly who I’d pick. He’s just hard to get in contact with. I met in years ago while spelunking. He still enjoys the caves and that makes it hard to reach him.

  2. My childhood friend Prateek. He don’t talk that much, is a good listener! wanna know that how he still remember each and everything about me? It’s been 11 years we haven’t met each other still he haven’t forgotten anything.. I wanna know the secret which he never tells me.

      1. Yup! We do talk on WhatsApp but not that much because of the academic pressure.. I had asked him about this but he had kept it a secret I don’t know why

      1. Yes he does, I love his music and he’s really a well rounded artist. Well rounded as in he’s an artist in every aspect of the word. He can dance, sing, write and draw.

      2. I agree, I’m just trying to get like that lol but I know a part of being creative is being vulnerable and subject to trials and things that also contribute to the creativity just as much as the high moments in life do

  3. There’s a person from Germany. I don’t know if i have permission to reveal the name but I would like to talk to her about anything. It will be amazing. The person is tooo positive and has a lot of influence on me. She’s like a happy music, wherever she goes she spreads smile, love and kindness. You can say she’s an internet friend. 😊😊 There are many like that person, but i wanna meet that one.

      1. What was the biggest turning point in her life.. 😊

        Ey you are interesting person you know.. make us think about lot of things! 😉

      2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope my questions help creating a better understanding of ourselves.

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