Life sucks?

The Impact of Having Expectations   I think that this is the feelings we have most of the time. Why? Simply because we encounter problems almost everyday of our lives. But this is ok. Everybody has problems. You might be a cashier or you might be Elon Musk and you’ll still have problems. The only difference is that they are different problems. Understanding and accepting this will bring some peace in your mind.

   We might have a wrong perspective about happiness and about life in general. I often wonder what life is all about. Why do we live and what makes us matter? Why do we keep pursuing something we don’t know what it means? I know, we’re all searching happiness. But what happiness is? Having the best car in the world? Having millions of dollars in the bank account? Why? We’ll only have a better environment, but will also have bigger problems. Just search for any billionaire out there and you’ll find a bunch of problems they have and as you’ll see, they are not small. Yes, they might not have to worry how they’ll pay rent next month, but they have to worry about explaining to stakeholders why the actions have dropped 3% making them lose millions of dollars. As you can see, all of us have problems. Life itself is full of problems we have to deal with, but this is normal. It’s ok. If we understand that everything sucks, nothing sucks, right?

   If everything sucks, why should we live anyway, you might ask. Well, I think that helping others to fix and get over their problems should be our main goal. Are lots of people homeless? Let’s find a way to make cheap houses. Are many people hungry? Let’s find a way to create food more accessible. Do many of us have emotional problems? Let’s find a way to make them express themselves easier. Yes, we’ll encounter lots of big problems in our path, but the end result worth it. And don’t worry about money because they’ll come if you really help the others. Have you noticed that when we’re happy about someone, we want to give them gifts and tips? That’s because it’s the only way we feel we can express our gratitude.

   Set your life goal of helping the others get over problems easier and you’ll feel more accomplished than ever. Problems will never end. Let’s fix as many as we can and our lives will worth more than all the money in the world can buy.  Let’s make everyone’s life suck a little less.

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