The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

Apparently most of us have a default level of happiness. No mater what our station is in life, we are all slightly dissatisfied. Slightly. Life is just never quite good enough, even when it really is.  This default happiness level readjusts depending on your circumstances. Even if something great happens to you, like winning the lottery, you soon get over it and return to that … Continue reading The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

Happiness is…

Those are some very interesting dots because they represent different things for different people. For some it’s a fat bank account, for others it’s a walk into the nature. Happiness is a journey, a destination and a forbidden word. It’s everything and nothing. For some it’s sweat and pain towards something whilst for others it’s avoiding them. You see, we’re all hungry for happiness and … Continue reading Happiness is…

Rerun 003: I am vague because I am endless — Modern Mystic Mother

14 August, 2018. I am a lot of things. Mostly contradictory and complex. It is both a delight and a curse to be me. How I feel about existence really depends on a lot of things that are all temporary and transient. I have a lot of ideas and I struggle to pin down anything […] via Rerun 003: I am vague because I am endless … Continue reading Rerun 003: I am vague because I am endless — Modern Mystic Mother

The Pursuit of Happiness – Reblog

   I remember I posted this video a while back and I find it even more powerful and insightful when I watched it today. We want happiness without knowing what it means and most of the time we’re sad because we can’t get that. We confuse having things with happiness when actually things bring joy (at most). This is a tough subject. I hope I’ll find … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness – Reblog

Who is responsible for your happiness?

   This is a question not easy to answer. We are used to place this happiness into so many people and things that we might forget one essential thing: we are responsible for our own happiness. But what does this mean?    In my opinion, this means that we shouldn’t wait for someone else to make us happy. Yes, we can be happy with someone … Continue reading Who is responsible for your happiness?