The “Friends” Debate

The “Friends” Debate   Anyone can name their friends, right? But how do you differentiate between friends and acquaintances? The amount of time you spend talking with them? The things you say to them? What kind of things you say to a friend? If you think a certain person is your friend, does that person think the same? It’s about thinking that someone is a friend or is about feeling that someone is a friend? What kind of feeling do you need to have for someone to name that person a friend? How a true friend should be? What’s the difference between a friend and a true friend? Are there multiple levels of friendship? For what do we really need friends? How much time can pass without interacting with a friend so it still be named friend and not acquaintance? Do we have friends for good times and friends for bad times?

   Those stupid questions and many other make me wonder who my friends are…if I have any. I think that a friend should be named a person with whom you feel free to tell anything you want without the fear of losing that friend no matter how strange the things you say are. In my opinion, if you fear to say some things to a friend, that person is not a true friend. Is more like a good play buddy with whom you hang out from time to time. You may think that the free feeling is connected with the fear of judging. It is…in our minds. But for them to judge is a good thing. We need different opinions…we need to have a conversation to clear things up and if a friend tells you that something is stupid, it makes you ask yourself some questions and you might find a new perspective. A friend should be able to comfort you when that’s the case, but also slap you to wake up and you shouldn’t be afraid of that slap because is for your own good. A friend shouldn’t be a person with whom you feel obligated to talk at least once a month because you fear he or she will get mad at you for not talking. If that’s the case, why is that person a friend?

   Maybe what I’m describing here is a true friend or a best friend, but if we have them, do we really need other people? Why should we spend our time with people with whom we have to wear a happy mask and pretend that our lives are great even if we have problems?  What’s the point? Time is the only thing we can’t get back, so we should spend it wisely.

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