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Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

I recently completed a course on personality theory that I found infinitely fascinating. Today I want to share some thoughts about how this understanding can help us better navigate in the world. You can think of personality as the lens through which we view the world. It functions by filtering the world so we only pay attention to certain things. This then influences the way … Continue reading Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

Celebrating Differences

Hello! How are you all? Recently, I have been thinking about how different everyone is and I love that! I have a very close friend and in the past few weeks, we have been getting into more heated discussions. I always thought we were similar but these discussions showed me how differently we see a lot things in life. I have been pleasantly surprised. Everyone … Continue reading Celebrating Differences

Are we complicated or simple? A little bit of both.

Hi all, Have you thought about how humans are incredibly simple and yet complicated at the same time? I sometimes think about it. I want to put out some of my thoughts on it here. Humans are very simple in some senses. We all need the same things. Food, love, money to get by etc. In that sense, if we are fed, have family and … Continue reading Are we complicated or simple? A little bit of both.

How to Make Your Personality Better

Hi all, This week’s post is a collaboration post. Khizer and I wrote this post together. Go check his blog. If you like Pointlessoverthinking, you will like his posts as well. He posts about self-reflection, personal development etc. and he is very insightful at that. Having said that, enjoy the post below and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic! Do they … Continue reading How to Make Your Personality Better

Brain-Storming 3

Situation: Mary is going to marry her boyfriend of three years. But there are some things that bother her. Her boyfriend is from a different culture and had a different upbringing. They are both open-minded people but they are different in food choices and family interaction. Her boyfriend tends to get a bit too jealous at times, which makes her worry. But then she decides … Continue reading Brain-Storming 3