Subtle Changes

Creamy clouds dissipate to reveal sparkling waves. Makeshift linen dresses. Vineyard horizons. Tangerine colored terraces overlook the marble sand. Salty hair. Fresh strawberries. Sun-spotted hands.

And we pause for a moment.

If you stare at the sand for a while, tiny grains of sand fall from their mounds. Out of nowhere there’s a change—unnoticeable to the naked eye. As life imitates art, I began to ponder…

What types of subtle changes in my life go unnoticed?

It’s easy to overlook day-to-day changes. But over time, many things have changed.

Some subtle changes I can reflect and recall include:

  • Better stress management (thank you to 8 months of daily meditation)
  • Improved proficiency at my job
  • Not trying to control things I can’t control
  • Less worrying and stressing about the future
  • Less worrying about what others think about me (still a work in progress)
  • Acquiring new passions and leaving old ones behind
  • Standing up for myself more, et cetera.

What in your life has changed that has gone unnoticed?




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19 thoughts on “Subtle Changes

  1. The older I become aware how dumb I was not to notice and act upon the subtle changes that would have made life easier to navigate many of the paths I travelled that weren’t paved.

    To quote my now looking down from above grandmother,

    “Freddy, you’re too soon old and too late smart”.

    1. I am also a path less traveled type of person. But interesting… Which types of subtle changes if you noticed them would’ve made your life easier?

    1. I’ve been working on that too! Although this past week I’ve come down with a bad cold, so it’s harder to do my normal routine of exercise and grocery shopping every couple days for fresh food. Hoping to sleep well tonight and get back on track tomorrow morning!

  2. I used to unable to and hate waking up in the morning. Lately, probably because I have adorable fur babies to take care of as well as a job, I find myself no longer complaining about getting up early

    Also I feel like I start to eat and drink less; only eat and drink when I’m really hungry or thirsty, respectively, instead of always eat and drink whenever I’m bored

    1. Fur babies definitely add some motivation and a boost of endorphins 🙂 But I am glad you’ve found some more enjoyment in your life along with some other positive changes. Best to you this upcoming week 🙂

  3. A change in life that has gone unnoticed?….I guess its my mental health. I don’t exactly remember when I started getting stressed to the point that I felt anxious and weak at the slightest exertion. My mindset changed from a positive , motivated and determined one to a constant worrying and insecure one. Surprisingly, while writing this I am aghast by this transition. Maybe this is because of the growing up period and realizing the importance of many things in life like education, job, responsibilities etc.

  4. Hmmm…. Subtle and significant… six minutes of planks every day. It’s a lifestyle now. Wearing workout clothes all day long so I can fit exercise in at any minute.
    Work I progress – not tolerating negative language and behaviors from the people around me. And addressing the issue rather than simply stepping away.🧡🧡🧡

  5. I have become a better listener, by intentionally focussing on practicing listening.

    By eating meals earlier my body has started actually telling me it is tired at times I need it to.

    For years I couldn’t tell what my body was trying to tell me. Do that I’ve started being able to tell I am hungry, or tired, or frustrated about something at work, rather than annoyed at people I am with, it more likely being annoyed at myself!

    That last one had been a big help. Thank you for encouraging thinking about this, really useful question to ponder. 😊

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