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Leadership Beyond Management: A Reflection on True Leadership

In the lively rhythm of office life, a simple yet profound statement on a poster caught my eye recently: “I am not bossy; I just have better ideas.” Initially, it put a smile on my face, but as I pondered, it led me to a deeper reflection on the dynamics between managers and natural-born leaders, that is the distinction between management and leadership. While the … Continue reading Leadership Beyond Management: A Reflection on True Leadership

Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

Everything I write about is aimed at helping people understand and love who they are. To not be ashamed or hide behind some false character armour but instead embrace the gifts that God has given them.  As part of that aim, I’ve compiled an epic ebook entitled Unlocking Personality. Based on the Big Five Personality model – one of the most widely recognised and respected frameworks in … Continue reading Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

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The Hand We’ve Been Dealt

I want to finish this series of posts on personality I’ve put together over the past couple of months by giving you an analogy. To first recap, there are five major personality traits: extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness and agreeableness. Wherever you lie on the spectrum of each trait – whatever the circumstances that shaped you – this is the hand you’ve been dealt in this … Continue reading The Hand We’ve Been Dealt

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Openness: The Gates of Mind

“Openness is seen in the breadth, depth and permeability of consciousness, and in the recurrent need to enlarge and examine experience.” – MCCRAE & COSTA, 1997, P. 826 Openness (which is actually Openness to experience) breaks down into Intellect and Openness.  Intellects like grappling with ideas. They love to solve complex problems and debate philosophical matters. They have a rich vocabulary and can formulate ideas clearly. … Continue reading Openness: The Gates of Mind

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Conscientiousness: The Ruthless Pursuit of Order

The Benefits of Conscientiousness Conscientiousness can be broken down into the following two aspects: Industriousness and Orderliness.  Those who score high in Industriousness are driven, focused and determined. They finish what they start. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the buzzword known as Grit? Well, it’s the same thing. Those high is Orderliness want everything to be in its place, every detail taken care of. … Continue reading Conscientiousness: The Ruthless Pursuit of Order

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Extraversion: The Price of Now

What Is Extraversion? Extraversion breaks down into the following two fundamental aspects: assertiveness and enthusiasm.  Those high in assertiveness are the take-charge types. The so-called natural-born leaders. The game-changing alphas. (It’s a valuable trait for a pilot, I might add.) Those high in enthusiasm are talkative and charismatic. They’re the life of the party. The ones who make friends with enviable ease. (Don’t you just love to … Continue reading Extraversion: The Price of Now

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Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

I recently completed a course on personality theory that I found infinitely fascinating. Today I want to share some thoughts about how this understanding can help us better navigate in the world. You can think of personality as the lens through which we view the world. It functions by filtering the world so we only pay attention to certain things. This then influences the way … Continue reading Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

You are perfect?-Who, me? No, I am not.

Hi all, How are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing good! I want to discuss some issue that came up in a discussion with a friend. I thought a lot about this issue before too and I wanted to share it with you. The issue is perfectionism. The idea that you cannot make mistakes and whatever you do must be perfect. I lived … Continue reading You are perfect?-Who, me? No, I am not.

How to Make Your Personality Better

Hi all, This week’s post is a collaboration post. Khizer and I wrote this post together. Go check his blog. If you like Pointlessoverthinking, you will like his posts as well. He posts about self-reflection, personal development etc. and he is very insightful at that. Having said that, enjoy the post below and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic! Do they … Continue reading How to Make Your Personality Better

Brain-Storming 3

Situation: Mary is going to marry her boyfriend of three years. But there are some things that bother her. Her boyfriend is from a different culture and had a different upbringing. They are both open-minded people but they are different in food choices and family interaction. Her boyfriend tends to get a bit too jealous at times, which makes her worry. But then she decides … Continue reading Brain-Storming 3

Weather and us: What we take from it

Hi everyone, I want to talk about how weather affects our moods and even personality today because a friend is visiting me from a colder country and we got to discuss this a bit. So I wanted to learn what you think. A warning before I start, though: whatever I write here is about how the weather might affect us and not how it ‘determines’ … Continue reading Weather and us: What we take from it

Standards are Overrated

How often do you compare yourself with some random standards? Moreover, how is that comparison affecting you from an emotional point of view? What about from an evolutionary point of view? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think standards are bad, especially the ones regarding our health and our safety. The standards I’m referring to are the ones imposed by other people or by our … Continue reading Standards are Overrated

Introversion vs Extraversion

   These personality traits are very popular and used by a large number of tests. Even though we see this most of the time as two different things, it’s actually more of a continuum so the conclusion is that we all have some percentage of each of these two traits (according to Carl Jung and the developers of the MBTI).    “Extraversion tends to be … Continue reading Introversion vs Extraversion

Where does your sense of Identity come from?

Provided by The Girl from Jupiter Originally posted on So the other day I was just sitting on the bus, staring out the window as I do most days and aimlessly thinking about life when suddenly my brain decided to just drop this existential truth bomb of a question on me: Who AM I? As a teenager (or perhaps just a human being) every … Continue reading Where does your sense of Identity come from?