We are Awesome!

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about what we like about ourselves today. What side of our personality do we like best? What can we do well?

We tend to see the negative aspects of us. We focus on what we cannot do, should not do, will not do etc. These have their places too. True, we cannot do some things. It is not possible for us to be able to do everything. Yes, we should have boundaries and should not do everything. Same with things we will not do. But we tend to overuse these in general. We sometimes use ‘cannot’ even when we can. So, in this post, I want us to highlight what we can do and more generally what we like about ourselves. I want us to highlight the good aspects of us. I will do it in the post and you can do it in the comments.

Recently, I started having doubts about my academic abilities and whether I can actually finish my dissertation. Every doctoral student experiences this, so it is not uncommon and I know I can finish it. I want to tell myself this more often.

I think the side of my personality I like the most is my adaptability. I live in the US and I have not finished my dissertation yet. But if it so happens that I need to leave the country now (God forbid, I want to finish my dissertation), I would be sad but I would not complain. I would say it is what it is and adapt. I can say this because this happened before. I adapted to big changes more comfortably than most people. So, I think this is a good personality trait and I am glad I have it.

Now it is your turn. What are things you do well? What aspects of your personality you like the most? Share in the comments!


36 thoughts on “We are Awesome!

  1. I like that I can connect with kids, preschool through middle school ages. If I were brave enough I would volunteer at an inter-city school. I just am not sure I would be full of compassion enough to handle the environment. It would be very different than I am used to and may frustrate me. I would be full of too much criticism and judgement in my heart.

  2. Looking for the thing we like about ourselves. The knee jerk is to say nothing, and then to follow it up with “my forearms”. I’ve always been partial to them. Qualities, however, is a little harder. Even the things I like, I tend to caveat. For instance, I like that I’m smart, but if I start thinking, “Hey, that’s cool”, I invariable engage in thinking that tries to put things into perspective. I’m not sure it’s negative. I think it’s not part of my neuroses but rather an attempt to avoid being prideful. I can totally go there. I also like that I’m kind. I used to say “I’m nice” but I’m not and ‘nice’ isn’t always great. “Kind” is action, so it’s better.

    1. I like the details in your comment! You seem to have a good understanding of yourself. Also, I had not thought about the distinction between being nice and being kind. Good one!

  3. One thing I like about myself is that I tend to be nonjudgmental and can interact with a wide range of people.
    One thing about you that I like, Betul, is that you asked this question. I would not normally talk about myself in that manner.

    Adaptability is a very useful trait and one I admire. I hope you can finish your dissertation without too much angst or any need to adapt or delay! All the best! <3

  4. I think we can accomplish anything we TRULY want to accomplish. Doubt always comes in when we set a difficult goal, but when the heart wants to do it, then it will manifest. In my experience, when the motivation only comes from the mind, then it is much harder to get something done.

  5. I’m adaptable to change, like you, although I will complain after a while if the location or situations turns out to be awful no matter how hard I try to find the good in it. The second aspect I like about myself is that I’ve become rather a quiet person and have learned to listen a little more extensively.

  6. What I like about myself is to see good in things. I accept that bad things exist but rather try to focus on good.
    And other thing is like is that I don’t fall easily to peer pressure🙂
    Happy to see answers of other people too😇

  7. I must admit, philosophically I have a problem with this kind of view of ourselves. Any trait that I have that might be considered positive or likable by me (or others) is ultimately luck. So here we are asking what aspects of our luck do we like. That we like certain parts of our luck is luck too.

    Good luck with your dissertation … 🙂

      1. It is luck because we are born with that trait?

        In part, yes. Influences from your environment … physical and emotional have come from outside of you.

        Remember that every scrap of you, your awesomeness, your fears and hopes, your physical being have come from somewhere else. Animals, vegetation have come and gone, evolution has marched through time, stars have formed and have gone supernova. The universe came into existence. Just so that we can think of our separate selves as awesome? I think not.

        We are not separate from the universe and that can be seen as awesome.

  8. Great post, Betul! You’re right; we need to remind ourselves of our strengths!
    I would say one thing I do well is listen. I try to listen more than I speak. 🕊

  9. I like your openness. You ask questions to encourage everyone to share, and show the environment is say by offering a part of yourself by answering the question.

    I like that I look for the good in every situation, and that I see any problem as solvable. I also really like that I love writing – about anything and everything, right from the inkling if an idea, all the way through to a finished form!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate that!

      I like the positive trait you see in yourself. I think it is something I lack. I sometimes tend to leave problems as they are.

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