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The Ladder of Enlightenment

I came across something called the Map of Consciousness in a book I’ve been reading recently – Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins. In it he talks about the different emotional levels we operate on.  He presents them in a way I’ve never seen before – as a kind of ladder that we can climb. Starting with depression at the bottom … Continue reading The Ladder of Enlightenment

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The Science of Mindfulness

The practice of meditation may at first seem counterintuitive or foreign to the Western mind. With the abundance of digital technologies and entertainment options available to us, why would anyone abandon these luxuries to sit alone in silence. Surely there are more productive ways one ought to spend their limited time here on earth. Yet meditation has become a recent cultural phenomenon.  According to one study, … Continue reading The Science of Mindfulness

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Where We Are Meant To Be

We’re all looking for that Goldilocks position in life. That ultimate purpose specifically suited to our own unique talents and values. Of course, we want to maximise our potential to do the most possible good. This is why many of us have this gnawing sense that the job we’re in isn’t quite right. We feel like we are meant for something else, something more. I … Continue reading Where We Are Meant To Be

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1000 Origami Cranes

In Japan, they believe that folding 1000 origami cranes may bring good fortune. Today, this ancient Japanese practice has spread around the world, embodying faith, hope and peace. And God knows how much we need them now. According to an ancient Japanese belief, folding 1000 paper cranes can bring good fortune in your life. The legend tells that the crane may live for a thousand years; … Continue reading 1000 Origami Cranes

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Must We Not Fight for Peace?

“War would end if the dead could return.” — Stanley Baldwin. Just imagine you wake up the following morning to the sound of bombs exploding and artillery firing. The enemy has invaded. You didn’t think it would ever happen, but there you are. Suddenly you’ve been thrown back into the 1940s. Now, what do you do? Do you gather your most prized belongings and flee? Or do … Continue reading Must We Not Fight for Peace?

Escaping the Rat Race: Lessons from Buddhism

As humans we spend most of our lives in a state of perpetual craving and desire. We land a big promotion at work, but soon fantasize about continuing to move up the corporate ladder. We become consumed by discontent and dissatisfaction as we constantly compare our social standing to that of our peers.  Wealth, status and power are engrained in our cultural ethos. However, all … Continue reading Escaping the Rat Race: Lessons from Buddhism

The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

Apparently most of us have a default level of happiness. No mater what our station is in life, we are all slightly dissatisfied. Slightly. Life is just never quite good enough, even when it really is.  This default happiness level readjusts depending on your circumstances. Even if something great happens to you, like winning the lottery, you soon get over it and return to that … Continue reading The Pursuit Of Unhappiness


Hi all, I will do something different this week and accept an award for my personal blog ( here on Pointlessoverthinking because the content of this award is very fit for here. Kamal is an awesome blogger who writes on various topics that are very much related to life and how to make our lives and environment better. he is a great inspiration and did … Continue reading GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD

The Good Side of Emotions

Hi everyone, Welcome to another Sunday post about my quarantine reflections! This is turning into a weekly report of what I contemplate most on that given week. In my post last week (here), I talked about emotional ups and downs quarantine is causing us to experience. So, this week, I thought a bit more on emotions. Emotionality has a taboo towards it. If you are … Continue reading The Good Side of Emotions

Life Is The Dancer And We Are The Dance

It’s That Simple Life is so simple and beautiful. More than anything, it so magical and alive. I can see it dancing everywhere around me in the form of my surroundings. A few minutes earlier, I was sitting in my balcony. Luckily, my head slowly tilted upwards as I looked into the sky to watch the clouds. Their beauty left me speechless. They were so alive, so … Continue reading Life Is The Dancer And We Are The Dance