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Hi all,

How have you been? It has been a long time since we last interacted here! I missed you all! I took a long-ish break from writing but not from thinking. So, we will meet here regularly now to discuss what I have been thinking about. I want to discuss what it means to have internal peace today. I reflected on it and realized how different it can be understood and I am curious how you view this concept.  

I think I have been the most peaceful internally that I have been recently. To my surprise, however, that is not because I am emotionally stable. That is, I don’t feel good or ok every day. In fact, some days I feel terrible, and that happens more often than I thought. And yet, even on those days, I feel peace inside. On the days I feel good, I still feel my peace. I didn’t know what this was all about initially but now I think I have an idea.

What I realized is this: I have peace even on my bad days because I finally accepted myself as an emotionally changing person. It is my true nature and I think I have known this deep inside always. But it did not look like a nice trait to have (because it makes you look unstable, which I don’t think I am), so I resisted my changeable emotional state. This led me to suppress certain emotions so I will look, an eventually be, emotionally stable. Did it happen? On the surface, yes. But I felt that I was producing internal conflicts and was not feeling really content.

So there you have it. My definition of internal peace. For me, it is accepting yourself in whatever state you are in, regardless of how bad it looks from the outside. This reduces my internal conflict greatly, so this in turn brings in peace. I really hope I can keep state of mind going.

So now let’s hear from you. How do you define internal peace? When do you feel the most peace inside? Do you think you mostly feel it?


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      1. I guess I recognize inner peace because It is the diametric opposite of the turmoil and angst I have experienced at some times earlier in my life. It is contentment, not wishing for a different life than the one I have. It is enjoying all the little things and being grateful for the blessings of life. It is not wishing anyone misfortune.

  1. The peace I have been experiencing is , the result of, like you, acceptance of myself as I am, in addition there is something deeper, which cannot be put into words that I attribute to my devotion to something beyond myself.

  2. Glad to hear!

    For me, inner peace is an unwavering sense of contentment that comes when you feel confident and OK with who you are. It means, like you say, that even on days that a “bad”, you feel peace. I liken it to being a big, strong tree that no matter what befalls it (hurricanes, storms etc) it will continue to stand tall.

    Thanks for this wonderful and timely post.

  3. I love what you wrote I struggle with bipolar everyday I find peace in art,writing,talking to people who cares about me . I also paint and I hang out with one of my bffs. I also love meeting and helping new people

    1. These are really good strategies! It seems like you are feeding your soul in a way that works for you! That is great because not everyone is able to discover exactly what is good for them.

  4. I have found the most peace internally when I make time to disconnect from everything. When I get away from the computer, my cell phone, my job, etc. Also whenever I get time near the ocean or just nature in general.

    I’ve found that to feel my best I need these things. It’s hard to have people constantly demanding your time and attention and this year has made it worse with everything having to be online.

    1. I am normally happy with the time I was born into, but when someone asks me which other era I would prefer, I say some era that does not have much technology yet. I agree that we need to disconnect at times, and I have found it greatly helpful as well.

  5. You’re learning what many are starting to realize because they’ve never been put in a position where they truly had to face there emotions…or where they actually allowed their emotions to rise up. We are humans. That means we feel. We were becoming a ‘dead’ society, robots going through the motions. Those of us awake have been waiting for the next GREAT AWAKENING!! Welcome to your rebirth!!! Namaste.πŸ•ŠπŸ¦‹

  6. This is something I am experiencing from some time. There are days when I feel peace and joy internally and there are some days.. when I am totally out of peace. I always think what leads me to again and again go to those thoughts that take my peace.a The only thing I noticed is that it is not possible to be always happy…but it is important to return fast to your center.
    So now I let those feelings pass and I am more joyful after that!!
    Sometimes I wonder how will we know the joy..if we don’t have grief.
    As you state accepting in whatever state you are…I was also thinking this when I wrote the post.. maybe you would like to check.

  7. Acceptance begets peace. However we shouldn’t compromise expectations, we should still be grateful for what we have and what is around us at the moment.

  8. Thank you for sharing.

    Being Christian peace is maintained by consistent prayer

    For me peace is remembering I can only control the controllables.

    1. I accidentally pushed the “Post Comment” button. Like you I find I am at peace when I accept I am me, and that’s ok. 😊

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