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The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

Arrogance, the trait of overestimating one’s abilities or importance while underestimating others, is a human characteristic like many others. While it may sometimes be mistaken for self-confidence, arrogance often leads to negative consequences in personal and professional relationships. Let’s see why arrogance has a destructive power and why embracing humility is a far wiser choice. The Destructive Power of Arrogance Arrogance can act as a … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

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Are You Playing To Win or To Avoid Losing?

Let me ask you a question. When you play a game, when you embark on a project, when you go to work, when you get up in the morning, when you sit down to write, when you make a presentation, when you have to do anything, Are you playing to win or to avoid losing? If you’re wondering what the difference is, when you play … Continue reading Are You Playing To Win or To Avoid Losing?

Captain Hindsight

There’s a character from the popular sitcom South Park called Captain Hindsight. For those who’ve not seen it, Captain Hindsight is a super hero (of sorts) who shows up to the scene of a disaster while it’s taking place. He then “helps” the people in need by making a stirring speech about all the ways everyone should have acted to prevent the tragedy from happening in the first place. … Continue reading Captain Hindsight

Types of Ego: Which one do you have?

Hi everyone! I want to talk about the human ego because it has been occupying my mind recently. I want to discuss types of egos I have observed. Disclaimer: This is not based on psychological studies, but rather based on my observation. So, don’t take it as ultimate truth but evaluate it for yourselves and add or subtract things as you fit. First, let me … Continue reading Types of Ego: Which one do you have?

Mistakes: why you should make more (or less) of them

11th December, 2018. 4:33 am. DM posted a video about making mistakes. The title alone totally TRIGGERED my memory about writing a post about this topic. So I dug around my personal blog archives and dredged this up for you all to bear witness: Why I am the soi-disant EXPERT OF EVERYTHING! Because I am really an expert of my own self. I take a bow as … Continue reading Mistakes: why you should make more (or less) of them

Make mistakes! – Video

   “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill    But how? What can we do to keep our enthusiasm whenever we encounter some sort of failure or when we make mistakes? How can we handle all those negative emotions like guilt and shame? I believe this is actually the key for success (in this context, I’m referring to success … Continue reading Make mistakes! – Video