Therapy Post: Insecure

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth

Insecure is not the word I want to use, yet it is the word that had affected me yesterday. As much as I get those “no effs given” days, seems equal parts insecure days arrive to level the playing field. If that’s what is happening 🙄

I guess sometimes a little insecurity is needed to create balance within a person. To be insecure is human.

The picture above, it feels just like that; a little person heavy with doubt perched on your shoulder. It makes you question everything from clothing choices, responses given, or responses heard, and past decisions made that you hadn’t thought on in 20 years.


Feeling out of place when normally you would walk without a second thought; everyone around you hears them too, or it seems so.

Words tumble out of your mouth, lengthening your response time when asked a simple yes or no question. Oversharing is imminent if a question about the weather is asked. Nerves, nerves, and more nerves askew.

This feeling of insecurity can last a few hours or a few days. It’s like your stuck in this perpetual unmoving of self- similar to going backwards, all work completed now wasted.

So what do you do? Do you let it pass? Do you feed the insecurity, so that it does just “go away”?

What I normally do at times such as this, is deal with it. *shrug shoulders* I counteract. I fumble and roll with it, I drop and get back up, I trip and pick up my feet; I counteract by not giving it power over my self esteem. It’s not forever unless I want it to be.

Tomorrow is a new day and everything does change…unless it Groundhog’s Day😉😉 but even Bill Murray’s character changed the outcome.

You can too.

* This was a draft I wrote from a wonky day I was having several weeks ago. Still finding drafts in my library🙄*

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2 thoughts on “Therapy Post: Insecure

  1. Thank you for writing the post insecure! There is a lot to be taken from the post. I like that you provide a sense of hope. Things change and a person will feel better if they decide to.

  2. I really do love your posts. They always make me think and they touch on so many subjects that I am passionate about. Thank you! With insecurity, I try to understand what is behind the insecurity and then work out how to shift it. It might be that I can change what I am saying to myself, or that I can change the mood behind the insecurity. It might be that I can make a request of someone to help obtain some clarity and remove the insecurity. However, I sit with it and try to understand it before I determine what it is that would be useful for me.

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