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The Age of the Spectacle

Is this the real world or is it fantasy? Glowing billboards. ‘Reality’ television. Instagram influencers. Golden yellow arches crowding large city centers. Fake bodies, fake personalities, fake plastic trees. Flooded with information, memes and seductive advertisements. McDonalds – I Am Lovin’ it.  Nike- Just Do It. Coca-Cola – Taste the Difference. Apple – Think Different. Manufactured desires. Manufactured appearances. Passive spectators. Passive consumers. Welcome to … Continue reading The Age of the Spectacle

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Avoiding Stress during the Coming Winter Holidays

The first thing that makes me stressed about the coming winter holidays is how you name it. It makes me stressed for nothing, as during Christmas’ holidays there are many more causes of stress than how you call it! For years in Europe we have been debating on the politically correctness of how we call Christmas Holidays. Apparently, calling them like that is not respectful … Continue reading Avoiding Stress during the Coming Winter Holidays

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These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

I’m curious to know what some of your favourite things are? But also, why are they your favourite things? For example, why is your favourite colour blue? Or why is your favourite band, say, the Beatles? Why is your favourite food strawberry ice cream?  Is it just because, or is there a deeper meaning behind those things? I started thinking about this because my eldest … Continue reading These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

This Year, Let’s Keep The Days Out Of The Holidays

By Jack Canfora It’s sooo on brand for 2020 that it’s a Leap Year. No, no, 365 days weren’t enough for this Annus Horribilis (and yes, you’d better believe I triple checked the spelling on that first word): it was so overflowing with awfulness, so teeming with terribleness, so rife with wretchedness, it needed an extra day to pack all of its surfeit of suffering … Continue reading This Year, Let’s Keep The Days Out Of The Holidays