Happy Holidays!

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for being affectionate readers, and active participants to Wise&Shine’ blog life. Without you, my posts on Wise&Shine would have been a box full of words but without emotions and sentiments. To conclude this year, I would like to share with you the lyrics of one … More Happy Holidays!

The Age of the Spectacle

Is this the real world or is it fantasy? Glowing billboards. ‘Reality’ television. Instagram influencers. Golden yellow arches crowding large city centers. Fake bodies, fake personalities, fake plastic trees. Flooded with information, memes and seductive advertisements. McDonalds – I Am Lovin’ it.  Nike- Just Do It. Coca-Cola – Taste the Difference. Apple – Think Different. … More The Age of the Spectacle

This Year, Let’s Keep The Days Out Of The Holidays

By Jack Canfora It’s sooo on brand for 2020 that it’s a Leap Year. No, no, 365 days weren’t enough for this Annus Horribilis (and yes, you’d better believe I triple checked the spelling on that first word): it was so overflowing with awfulness, so teeming with terribleness, so rife with wretchedness, it needed an … More This Year, Let’s Keep The Days Out Of The Holidays