A way to achieve any goal

Why do we live?   According to Brian Tracy there is a seven steps plan for establishing and achieving any goal. In his book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, he talks about and describes each of those steps.

  1. Decide exactly what you want

   Oh boy, this doesn’t start that good. It makes perfect sense for this to be the first step, but the question is: do we know what we want? Do we really want something so bad that makes us wake up at 6 am and that keeps us going until 12 pm? Do we have something that we’d love to do every day for the rest of our lives (the process of getting there is just as important as the goal itself). If so, that’s great, but if not, I think we need an extra step before this: Find out who the f*ck we are and what the f*ck we want. It might be f*cking harder than we think.

   Let’s assume you encounter a billionaire today and he likes you and because of this he wants to give you all the money you need to start creating your dreams, but the condition would be to say exactly what you want and how it will help you and everyone around you. What would you say to him?

   I think that we need to know exactly who we are so we can find out what we want. We all have layers that have nothing to do with our core. We have desires borrowed from others, we have opinions imposed by the groups we’re in, we have dreams because they are other’s reality. We might need to get rid of all of those so we can reach to our true core and life will improve.

  1. Write down your goals

   Writing your goals down is a way to bring them into “reality” and also a way to see them more often. Writing your goals down will give you some sense of control. Go write them now. It’s some good and powerful s*it.

  1. Be willing to pay the full price

   Ok, you have your goals, but are you willing to pay the full price to achieving them? You might need to get rid of some friends because they are drawing you down with their negative thinking. You might need to break your connection with your family. You might need to stop watching your favorite TV shows because it takes too much of your precious time. People might throw rotten eggs in you because they don’t want you to succeed. You’ll definitely need to get out of your comfort zone. A lot! So be sure that you’re willing to pay the full price to achieve your goals!

   “To realize what you’ve never realized before, you need to think in ways you never thought before.” – Brian Tracy

  1. Make a detailed plan

   You would need to make a plan to know exactly what you have to do to get to your goals. Of course, there are lots of things that you can’t add to your plan because you don’t know them yet, but you need some stepping stones.

  1. Act according to your plan

   “Go do sh*t!” – Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Accomplish something every day

   Sometimes we know that our results cannot be seen when we do the actions, but that doesn’t mean they are not there. Be patient! If you ever feel disappointed because you can’t see your results, think about potatoes. A farmer cannot see the results when he plants potatoes, but he knows that in a few months the results will come. You’re not a potato so the results might not come in a few months, but in a few years because it’s a more complex process.

  1. Never give up!

   Whenever you feel like giving up, remember your goals. If you made them right, it means that they are what you truly want in this life and you cannot give up on that. Yes, you might see people out there achieving things easier or they maybe started earlier than you. There might be people that play this life game on easy mode, and you might have to play it on insane mode, but that’s only because you’re a badass!

   What plan do you have to achieve your goals?

15 thoughts on “A way to achieve any goal

  1. I don’t think I have a solid set of plans in place, but my goals aren’t monumental. I want to truly be happy, each and every day, and the way I achieve it is through staying present and being grateful. I’m not out to change the world, just myself.

    1. If your goal is to live a happy life and you’re already doing it, it means that you already LIVE the life you want! Awesome! 😀

  2. My goal is to live a life that is spectacular. This might sound really difficult to achieve but it isn’t for me. I thrilled over the simplest of things. I am like wow I got woodland strawberries growing in my garden. I don’t care the birds are eating them. I love seeing the birds happy. That might not sound spectacular but it is to me. You can imagine how happy going on holiday makes me feel. My senses at new sights, sounds and colours are completely overloaded.

    1. It really sounds like you’re living a spectacular life 😀 You’ve always had the ability to see the world this way or is something you particularly did to get here?

      1. As a small child I was given a magnifying glass and used get excited about seeing tiny critters through it. I would scan the ground and was good at spotting them. I didn’t go to school much so it was my main occupation. My fascination has never stopped. I also loved to look at objects like coins and stamps. I still love to see the world close up and take pictures. I collect coins. I notice people too very much. I collect people too. 😉

      2. That’s very interesting. So you developed yourself the ability to find little things and that got you excited and now it’s a habit and it helps you have an amazing life because you know that little things are exciting 😀

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