To The One

In the barren lands of earth, our gestures of gratitude can often seem hollow and trite–an obligatory Thank You note written here; a box of chocolates given there; handshakes, hugs, and gift cards, though well intended, can also prove lacking. The worst, of course, is when someone’s precious gifts of time, effort, and heart are overlooked and entirely taken for granted.

There comes a time–and that time is NOW!–when debts of gratitude must be expressed to the fullest degree possible. Despite the best of efforts, our attempts may still, however, fall short of the mark. How can we ever repay gestures of kindness, which, in themselves, are priceless? To directly name those to whom I owe gratitude will not occur here; my intention is to thank That which they are–not who they appear to be. From my heart, I offer the following:

To the One…

  • who helped teach me how to be a man. Thank you.
  • who loved me unconditionally. Thank you.
  • who lovingly guided me, and still offers guidance. Thank you.
  • who loved me during times when I could barely love myself. Thank you.
  • who split wood and washed my vehicle….just because. Thank you.
  • who baked cupcakes for me on my first Valentine’s Day alone after divorce. Thank you.
  • who took a chance on me and my skills in the workplace. Thank you.
  • who drove me to surgery and waited with me. Thank you.
  • who repeatedly listened to my incredibly important woes. Thank you.
  • who carried my workload, on days when I could barely carry myself. Thank you.
  • who chose to overlook my inadequacies. Thank you.
  • who taught me painful but necessary lessons. Thank you.
  • who tolerated me; even when I displayed intolerance. Thank you.
  • who cut me down, when my pride had risen too high. Thank you.
  • who chose to forgive me. Thank you.
  • who offered food and shelter to me, a stranger. Thank you.
  • who saw my fear, yet pretended they didn’t. Thank you.
  • who prayed for me and my safe arrival back home. Thank you.
  • who gave me a compass when I retired; so that I would never lose my way. Thank you.
  • who helped me “see” the Light, in so many ways. Thank you.


Dear Readers:

Do you owe anyone heartfelt gratitude? If so, to whom? Is it family members, friends, peers, or mere acquaintances? The list above is pitifully short; it is, of course, an impossible task for me to list everyone to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. Perhaps you will display greater wisdom than I once did. If you can, please love those to whom you are grateful as though they are God. BecauseTheyAre.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell


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22 thoughts on “To The One

  1. Thank YOU, Art. Beautiful. I feel privileged to have read this post. Most of all, this gratitude statement touched me: “To the one…who saw my fear, yet pretended they didn’t. Thank you.” Everything you shared was powerful but that one? I know I’ve been the recipient of that sort of grace. Those who know me…but recognized that the illusion of being fearless was all I had to cling to…and supported me without busting through and poking at my controlled facade. Wow. Insight is cool. 😊

    1. Hello Victoria,

      Thank you so much for your very kind comment, and even more for sharing part of your personal story.
      I’m glad that you found the post touching. This “knowing” that we are One is deepening within me; and sometimes the gratitude is so profound that the tears just keep coming. To me, they signify false barriers falling away and the strong desire to embrace everyone. 🙏

      1. Thank you, Art. You’re right about the tears…I’m amazed at how they APPEAR…sometimes so suddenly…when I know I’m traversing ‘truth’. I love that – thank you…for sharing that with me. ❤

      2. You’re welcome. I’m often amazed at how they appear, too. Yesterday, Source gave the post to me with pressing urgency–thanks “had” to be given.
        Thank you for all that you share, too. I always enjoy your posts. 🙏

  2. So touching! Like Vicki, I thought every item on your list was lovely – and many of them prompted memories of a particular person or persons. But THIS one really gets to me. “who chose to overlook my inadequacies. Thank you.” 😭
    I suppose that’s called grace. And it really is amazing.

    “Thank you,” Art, for sharing bits of your heart and gifting us with these beautiful words about thankfulness.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I’m glad that you felt touched by my post. I, too, find the particular gratitude statement that you mentioned very humbling. I appreciate your taking the time to share. 🙏

  3. If we can find gratitude in both the good and the bad we are bullet proof. Gratitude = meaning. It’s the pathway to a meaningful life. Beautiful list/post Art. Thank you for enlightening us, as you always do. 🙏

    1. I agree, AP2. One of the hallmarks of enlightenment if there is still a strong preference to be always in “bliss.” Only an ego would attempt to live at one end of an environment which in itself is dual: hot/cold; right/left.
      Thank you for your kind words–greatly appreciated. And btw, I just read your latest post and loved it!

  4. I owe so many debts of gratitude that I can never repay some people – they are dead or live too far away. I do believe in paying it forward, of doing acts of kindness for others who may never be able to repay me, for that is how this gratitude cycle works when we live the full circle! Life is a circle, always coming around to a point where we need to accept help and where we can offer it. It is up to us to participate in it or not. I find it far more satisfying and rewarding to live the full circle!

    1. Hello Tamara,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your insights with us! I love this: ” I find it far more satisfying and rewarding to live the full circle!” 🙏

    2. Tamara, I too believe, ” I do believe in paying it forward, of doing acts of kindness for others who may never be able to repay me, for that is how this gratitude cycle works when we live the full circle!” Beautifully said.
      Best wishes.

  5. Thank you for a thought provoking post!
    I am grateful for the many people who have enriched my life. While I convey my heartfelt gratitude to those I can, I also believe in paying forward.
    Best wishes.

  6. It’s so meaningful to me being grateful, Art. I write three thoughts about gratitude every day (but not on vacation because I don’t bring with me the little notebook). I think those people you are grateful to can be considered your team. At least, this is how I consider them, my team.

    1. I agree, Cristiana, I think that gratitude is so important. Your habit of writing three thoughts about gratitude every day sounds like such a great practice!
      I have a different practice, but it also helps keep me mindful. I say to myself or think it (perhaps after buying groceries): thank you, God (Source, Universe) for the groceries, the money to buy them, my car, fuel, etc. I also have always had the practice of saying grace before each meal.
      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    2. Hello Cristiana,

      I know that you have previously showed some interest in what I was expressing about the One; and I just wondered if this video by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj might be of interest. If not, I certainly understand. His pointings played a major role in deepening my understanding, as did those of Rupert Spira. Here’s the link, just in case:

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