Worth Beyond Definition

I recently viewed a YouTube video in which a guest related the account of a friend who had just bought a very expensive house. This wasn’t expressed, but his friend was probably quite proud of his achievement. The guest went on to share that his friend had attended a party at someone’s home; and during the tour of the house, he learned that a rare painting there cost more than the price of his home. In other words, the cost of his new house was “hanging” on the host’s wall.

Does this situation–not the specific details–seem familiar? So often, we “hang” our happiness upon the achievement of a goal, with the erroneous expectation that its achievement can fulfill us. The majority of our societies condition us to believe in “happiness-dependent” ways of living that are ultimately hollow. They feed our ego’s need to compete; to stand out in the arena of life–a triumphant victor, our trophy raised high overhead–and shout, “I have finally succeeded, for I am better than you!” What this system fails to point out is that even the home with the rare painting could hang on someone else’s wall.

For a while, this way of existing may seem to function well; but inherent in the flawed belief system is a trap door that can spring open at any moment; plummeting those who have unconsciously consumed the bait into the depths of despair. If we define success (whatever that means) via the egoic perspective and a competition-based system, we have unwittingly signed a contract that leads to suffering. Upon the dotted line will be our name.

The way out of the human predicament is to see clearly; to knowingly recognize That which is beyond the limited perspective of the “person” and the rules by which it attempts to govern. Buried deep within each of us, there is worth beyond definition, a glorious dimension that “is” us. It is the rarest (because there is only One of IT) and, therefore, priceless; yet, paradoxically, It is the most common, because It permeates the interstices of everyone and everything. It is the very heart of peace and joy. We needn’t hang our happiness upon a facade. We can recognize Truth now and enjoy our apparent paintings and homes just for the fun of it.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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21 thoughts on “Worth Beyond Definition

  1. There’s so much to love about this, but if I had to pick one part, it would be this, “to knowingly recognize That which is beyond the limited perspective of the “person” and the rules by which it attempts to govern.” Indeed, life is both bigger and smaller than this. Thank you for the great reminder, Art!

  2. I can’t help but ask why famous painters of the past like to paint women with no eyebrows. And could it be that the woman in the “Mona Lisa” painting by Leonardo da Vinci is also the woman in the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting by Johannes Vermeer?😳🤔

    1. You’re very welcome, Victoria. It can be easy at times to get caught up in the illusion. So much easier to avoid those traps doors when we recognize our essential nature. 🙏

    1. You’re very welcome, Todd. I think all of us, at one time or another, have forgotten what truly matters. To me, nothing can replace the importance of knowing That which we truly are. 🙏

  3. Comparison to others tears on down and is people pleasing. Someone will always excel more than us. It doesn’t make us less valuable. But each one has self determination and get let others rob them of their joy. I’d rather enjoy my own house and delight in who I am.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insights! I agree, comparison and competitiveness is not the way to peace.

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