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Hi, everyone!  Happy Friday! 

A new podcast, this one a conversation on aging between Troy Headrick and Todd Fulginiti, two Wise & Shine writers, is now available for your listening pleasure.

In addition, two more episodes have been completed and will be posted soon.  We have upcoming podcasts on the topic of “Heroes” and a really interesting interview I did with Victoria of Victoria Ponders.  We talked about “Like a Rainbow,” a blog about a homeless woman she published earlier this month.  In the podcast, we discuss “Gwen,” the homeless woman she befriended and wrote about, as well as a variety of other related topics.

Even though we’re just getting started with podcasting, we’re learning fast and lining up lots of new episodes, so check back frequently and follow us if you like what you hear.

Thanks so much for your continued support.

11 thoughts on “More on the Wise & Shine Podcast

  1. I listened to the new episodes this evening and loved them all. 👌🏼🤟🏼

    The one on aging was great, especially because I’m right there with you-guys. My favorite part was Troy talking about his “old” relatives who were just “waiting around.” 😅 Also, hearing about Todd starting to train for 1/2 marathons at age 53 was inspiring.

    The one with Vicki was delightful, as I knew it would be. I loved her post about Gwen – it was so nice to hear more about her interactions with Gwen. Vicki is simply the best, in general anyway, and I loved you having her on. Also, Troy’s experience with his friend who lived in the shack. And to both of you, just hearing how big your hearts are was special.

    Then the last one on heroes. Goodness, who doesn’t love a hero, especially a real-life one?! Fascinating examples you both shared. I’ll need to go back and read Todd’s post about Adrienne – I missed it! I’m also anxious to look up the works of Dr. Bukowski (Hank).

    The dialogue in all 3 was easy to listen to, and flowed naturally. And the topics were fun and interesting. 5 out 5 stars for me!

    1. Thanks so much for all your encouragement! I’m glad you liked all of them! Podcasting is new for me, but it’s a little like teaching–the question-asking part anyway–so it’s not an entirely foreign activity. We’re planning a very interesting series on blogging and the writing process. I’ll be doing talks with many of the W & S writers for that series, so stay tuned. We plan to establish a regular posting day each week, starting soon.

  2. Troy and Todd — I enjoyed your candor about aging! The sharing about health scares, longevity, marathon aspirations and how important a good outlook is. Terrific! And…Troy, I understand your thoughts about seeing pictures from the past, LOL. I have a few of those oddly faded examples. You’re right – they look like weird paintings. Most of all, I enjoyed hearing how you both strive for balance – accomplishment focused as creative professionals but also intent on enjoying every day.
    Good stuff about heroes, too. Joseph Campbell for the win! 😉 And what a great story about the generous yoga instructor, Todd. I like the idea of people making a difference in all the many ways you both mentioned. Everyday heroes, indeed!
    Big smiles! 😉

    1. Thank you, Victoria. And we’re getting positive feedback on the one we did together. We’re planning an interesting series. Starting this coming weekend, I’ll be doing talks with various W & S writers on blogging and the writing process. We’ll establish a regular posting schedule too, so please stay tuned! Thanks for all your encouragement!

  3. Wonderful job on the podcast Troy and Todd. I echo the thoughts above. I found your perspectives very interesting. Especially Todd’s point that he feels more pressured to achieve/do things the older he’s gotten. I feel like that and I’m only (I guess “only” depends on what vantage point you’re coming from) 35 years young. I look forward to listening to more. 🙏

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