New Year, No Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this is year is the best year of all our lives so far!

We talk about resolutions at the beginning of years, right? We set goals for ourselves. I had a few of these in previous years too. But I am in a different kind of mood this year. No resolutions but acceptance of whatever I come across.

So, let’s rewind a bit. I was tested in 2021 with various struggles that I was not ever before. So, the first 2/3 of it was hard. The last 1/3, though, gave me a mindset I did not know I would ever be in. My only prayer these days is that I am where I am going to be most true to my nature, with respect to jobs, relationships, everything. This means I currently do not have a fixed location or job in mind, for example. Of course, I have an option that currently seems most likely, which I am working towards. But it is not a fixed destination in my mind.

This is significant because of two things: First, I was the complete opposite before. I would fixate on one option and obsess over that. Second, I realized how little I know myself and what is best for me (because things I thought were good for me in 2021 turned out to be my biggest tests). So, I decided to just give in and see what I am offered with. I am letting God take me where He wants me to be (He always does but this means I am trying to ‘correct’ my course).

So, no resolutions for me this year. Just a patient wait to see what will happen. I will see if this is a better strategy for me but it definitely is a lot more peaceful.

What are your resolutions? How do you approach your resolutions? Let’s discuss.


48 thoughts on “New Year, No Resolutions

  1. To me, resolutions are affirmed decisions like the security protocols/patches in devices, updated as and when required in our lives, and so are not meant to be, scheduled on a particular (new year) day of a year. Keep updating casually.

    Wish You
    a lovely today,
    an inspiring week,
    a beautiful month and,
    a Happy New Year !

  2. I have come to think as you do. Recently I heard the saying ‘Whose driving the bus?’ It’s a great reminder that whatever the plan for us there is a greater power at work and the best we can do is stay open to possibilities. When we fixate on one outcome we set ourselves up for disappointment and become blind to the right path for us. I hope 2022 brings you joy and fulfilment.

  3. Betul, Here’s hoping 2022 is better for everyone than the last two years! I have not yet settled on any major goals for the year. I do want to continue simplifying my life and adjusting my priorities. As I am growing older, I have decided to let go of some things that consume my energy with little return. Health is a priority and I have some financial goals.

    The future is too uncertain globally and personally to make a few simple resolutions that may not fix the problems, even if you could keep them. I think the changes need to be made in values and priorities. Flexibility is important.

    You are at the beginning of your adult life, and you face many uncertainties about the future as well as many major life decisions. You may wish to make decisions that leave a variety of options open. I wish you well!

    1. I think simplifying things and being open to possibilities are great goals in and of themselves, but they should be seen as a process than a product. I think the past years proved to us that things are actually really uncertain so we better make peace with that. And yes, I am learning to keep open options. Thanks!

  4. I am following the same path. Less planning and more going with the flow. I still have a few things I want to achieve but I am not setting goals as such, just seeing what happens. My plans from 2020 have not happened because it involved travel so fingers crossed I will pick that up in 2022 but I am also open to anything!

  5. Living in the moment, caring for one another, and pursuing God’s will for my life as I put one foot in front of the other will keep me busy in 2022!

  6. I don’t make resolutions. I set goals and then I write steps in my planner. Works really well

  7. Happy New Year!

    I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. Over the years, I have learnt not to fight life by “expecting” and getting disappointed. Instead now I accept by being grateful for my “half full glass”.

    Another discovery I have made is that if I am positive, do my best, firmly believe that things will resolve and be patient for an outcome to a problem, it does work most of the time. If it doesn’t then I have the satisfaction of doing my best.
    I am hoping, not making a resolution to work on the above life lessons I have learnt.

    Best wishes.

  8. I have become increasingly aware that future intentions of any kind lead to expectations and disappointment. The future is simply an unknown, I can intellectually make plans, but the reality is life’s so much more than intellectualizing can fathom. So, for me, no resolutions, just being present as much as possible and seeing what rises. Take care of you, my friend.

  9. I think the wording is important when it comes to resolutions. Your approach seems healthy to me. We should work towards something but remember the end result doesn’t matter nearly as much as the process does. We have to enjoy the day. If we make everything about the end result we fail to enjoy the journey. Great post Betul. Have a happy 2022 🙏

  10. Isn’t the decision to listen to God when he guides you a resolution? My resolutions usually take at least two years to fulfill. That amount of time is needed to build habits and systems for success. The secret is to smart small, simple and easy.
    I wish you all the best in 2022 and always!

  11. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait, and you seem to have the wisdom to know that. It’s always hard for me personally, despite so much practise, but it’s getting easier these days as I use the waiting time to learn something new or take another step towards minimal living. May 2022 bring you peace, happiness and resolution.

    Your post makes me realize I need to write a post on my New Year resolutions – a comment will be too brief for them 😀

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