Notes from Nietzsche on the New Year

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Let’s commend ourselves for making it another year. You did it!

2021 was full of mountains and valleys. Lovely and lamentable times.

The New Year invites us to write the first page of a new chapter. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, this is the time of year we’re all thinking about how we want the next year to go. Here are a couple ideas from Nietzsche that resonated with me as I head into the New Year.

Nietzsche believed that any value, when taken to the extreme, begins to undermine itself. And in the cases when it doesn’t, it starts to devalue other parts of your life that are important to you as well.

If you’re like me, you dive full force into things. I’m either all in on my goals or nothing. I either commit 100% with no breaks or the complete opposite. This year I’m keeping Nietzsche’s ideas in mind and striving towards balance. We all deserve a break sometimes. Then we can come back refreshed and full throttle. A break is better than getting burned out.

Balance is key.

Let’s keep this in mind while planning next year.

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? What are some of your goals for the new year?

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21 thoughts on “Notes from Nietzsche on the New Year

  1. What an interesting point about values taken to the extreme. Thank you, E.L. for a great reminder about balance as we launch into 2022! Wishing you a great and balanced year ahead!

    1. Yes, I never thought values taken to the extreme was almost as dangerous as not having them. Thanks to Nietzsche for helping me think! Sending balance and the best of luck to you this 2022! <3E

    1. Yes, he believed you should paint your own canvas according to whichever values you find most important to you, rather than following a paint by numbers approach. I love that philosophy. It resonates with me because I am quite a free spirit. Best wishes to you this New Year! <3E

    1. Yes I have found myself falling prey to that extreme approach a time or two. I have a lot of natural “gusto” so I can easily get excited and give 100% to things. Striving more for a balanced lifestyle this year. Best wishes to you in 2022! <3E

  2. Nietzsche was right.

    Even the very best of values pursued with the best of intentions has an abyss in it if you push it too hard. Lot of folks doing a lot of staring these days.

  3. Ellen, I like that you have taken this one idea to make it your own. Balance is key! I wonder if your recent quest of tearing up roots and exiting the many things you love and enjoy, is in BALANCE?

  4. No matter the year, time, or place life is going to challenge us in ways we never thought. Life will continue to move on either we like it or not. But do we dwell on the past or look toward the future? I guess that’s what dreams are made of…

    1. I have definitely found that to be true. Life challenges you in ways you never expected, and that’s the beauty of it. To focus on the future instead of the past, but most importantly to enjoy the journey, because that’s the only thing that really matters, in my opinion. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

      1. I always love commenting on your beautiful work. I hope you can see how much all this means to me. We all wish we could change that one text from the past! All love!


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