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How are you today? Welcome to another PO Sunday postJ Today’s topic is how things fall into place at times in life. That happened to me a lot recently.

I was struggling with a few points regarding my behavioral patterns. I had noticed a few things I wanted to improve about them but I did not know how. I have a tendency to not be able to work on my patterns until I know the reason why I behave the way I do. For example, I have impulsive reactions in certain situations. It is not enough for me to understand that I have this tendency. I need to know why I have this tendency. What is the root of it? It took some time to try to figure out the reason for this behavior of mine but could not come up with an explanation that satisfied me. I was getting very desperate. Then, a friend that I was not in constant contact casually suggested I talk to someone from Turkey. She did not have in mind finding a solution to my issues. She thought this person was a nice person and was knowledgeable in topics I am interested in. That person gave me the answer I needed and honestly a lot changed since then. Now, I have a lot more control over my behavior and of course, I feel very happy with it.

Things like this happened a lot recently. Answers or solutions came just at the time when I really needed them because I was running out of my own sources. That is what makes me think that things fall into place in life if we can wait long enough, as long as we have in mind that we want a solution to an issue. In other words, as long as we want to solve the issue. Sometimes, it might take longer, but it arrives eventually.

Does this happen to you? Any examples? Do you trust that things will be solved eventually? Can you wait until then? Let’s discuss life today.


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  1. I guess more or less I kinda have this problem. I’m aware that I’m actually quite lazy and the reason why I acted like so because I dislike and fear of getting tired and losing sleep. But then again, everything we do must required effort, including pursuing dreams. I still haven’t exactly figured out how should I solve this problem though…

  2. Well, I believe it happens to all. Because, first, Nature not only created us but has always known what helps we need and how.

    It’s only a matter of time and wisdom that one identifies how he or she gets those revelations that guide us towards more freedom and better version of ourselves.

    I have same experiences like yours

  3. Does this happen to me Betul? More often than I care to remember. The solution that works for me . . . “Be still and know that I am God”. He knows the perfect solutions to all of life’s questions, so I can cease from “overthinking”. I’ll finally be able to permanently do so when He answers my prayers for patience 😄
    Be Blessed!

  4. Hi, Betul! I’m glad you are feeling better and more connected. I sometimes have those great moments of connection with direction; those guiding and well-timed answers to problems, but only when I am in a space where I can relax my guard and let myself recognise this. I get too involved with whatever problem to be able to see it otherwise, but I suspect the answers are there all along. It is definitely a good idea to relax more! Time for tea. 🙂

    1. I get too involved with whatever problem to be able to see it otherwise, but I suspect the answers are there all along.

      This is probably true. We cannot see it without enough relaxation, as you say.

      Time for tea indeed!

  5. I believe that the answers are always there, but many times we’re closed to seeing them because we remain so focused on how we’re currently doing something. I believe that when we come to see that our current way isn’t working, then we start to open up to seeing an alternate way.

    Once we open up enough, I. E. by letting go the old expectations, then we table to see the solution that was there all along.

    The universe gives us nudges and many times we ignore them. When we choose to follow a nudge, then we discover a new door and a new path!

    I am amazed at how God and the universe does this in my life! I have been working on trusting the process, and releasing my expectations to be able to see new opportunities!


    1. This is a really good point! Yeah, I think we often ignore the signs because we have a preconception on how things should be instead of how things are. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Altered states of consciousness such as those brought about by deep meditation or the use of ceremonial hallucinogens often help one find the deeper reasons that a pattern emerged. It can be hard to delve beneath the surface of our consciousness but it’s worth doing.

  7. I detest chaos. Yet, I know there are times in life when it’s going to happen whether I like it or not. I used to fight it. As of late though, I’ve learned to let the chaos happen and focus my attention on inner calmness. I just let things happen, knowing it won’t last very long when I look at the larger picture of my life. How I learned this was to finally let the chaos happen.

    1. That is what I am trying to achieve too. I still have a tendency to try to control things, which I of course cannot always do. The best way is to focus on inner calmness.

  8. “I have impulsive reactions in certain situations. It is not enough for me to understand that I have this tendency. I need to know why I have this tendency.”

    – this reminds me of Jung’s theory about complexes. Because they are largely unconscious processes, they can pop up at the most inopportune times. He said something the effect that a lot of people know they have complexes, but don’t know the complexes have them. In other words, the unconscious complex seizes the moment before they were ever able to think about their reaction.

    As far as solutions finding you, I’ve been blown away sometimes when the universe decides to drop a fulfilled desire in my lap. It may be years removed from the initial desire, but it happens nonetheless and I remember, “Hey, I remember that I wanted this, and here it is!” Whoah. So yeah, I believe in the power of intention.

    1. but don’t know the complexes have them.

      That is a great point! This type of reaction requires a lot more work than other, more observable tendencies.

      And I had such experiences a lot. At the time you expect the least.

  9. Yes, that happens Betul. Solutions come to us when we are really seeking them and we are ready to listen to them.
    Most of the times solutions are there, but we are not ready. When we become ready to accept, it comes.
    Like the old saying,” When a student is ready, the teacher will come”.

  10. Your points are very spot-on! It happens to me more often than I remember. I need to be patient with an open heart to see how beautifully life is unfolding in front of my eyes.

  11. Sometimes things need to be resolved immediately depending upon the nature of the matter or situation
    While there are matters that need to be handled calmly sitting on the chair.
    It depends from situation to situation.
    We might be a chaos at a particular time while sobre and dignified on other time.
    Its human nature. Unpredictable but controlable through self assessment and guidance from the Divine.
    Really good thoughts.

    1. Good points! Yes, there are some urgent situations that need immediate resolution. I think a big part of this process is to learn which one is which and how to apply the right attitude under the right circumstances.

  12. Hey, life always takes a toll every now and then and it’s us who has to stand strong and wait and make things happen. Simple mantra is to never ever give up despite anything because that’s the thing which keeps us going and eventually things fall in place. Kudos to you for staying right there and waiting 🙌👍🙂

  13. I have some behavioural issues that I am having to work through as well. Like, I’m easily annoyed, irritated, frustrated and angry. And in my mind I’m like, “why am I reacting the way I am?” And I try to stop myself, but it just keeps getting out of my control. But I’m always looking for ways to understand my issues better and find a way to heal and overcome it.

    1. I have had my fair share of this too and often it is a deep subconscious pattern that is causing this. I figured mine out in the past few weeks and it has been incredibly helpful.

      1. I found it helpful to journal about it and try to get to the bottom of it. I believe that there is a meaning and a message behind these emotions or reactions. It’s trying to tell us something. And just maybe, if we can understand what it’s trying to tell us..we can find some solutions to correcting it and building new and healthy behavioural and deep subconscious patterns.

    1. I did not lose my faith but came close to it when I had a really bad year. I am now seeing that faith, however weak it was at the time, is the only thing that kept me together.

      1. Sometimes it is hard. But you will get through it for sure. Some patience is needed. Try to stick to faith as much as you can in the process. it helps.

  14. Indeed, it happens to me also. Once I was struggling with a case and everything was choked up. But suddenly an unexpected one solves my problem.
    I believe that we should have forbearance, not to panic, things will work as it is on destiny and with the flow of time.

  15. I very much struggle to let problems sit, even if I know the solution is coming and it just needs time. I try to find a faster solution, or something that will mean the problem is no longer a problem even if it is not solved. At work, I am trying to keep a log of important problems, solving the ones I can, and being ok knowing that some will not be solved *right now*. It is helping me to work on my patience, which is especially important when it comes to writing a book. I may identify scenes and writing that needs to change, but I might not have the answer right then, and only time away from it will help me find the answer.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

    1. That is so relatable! I am just like that too. I want things to be in order as soon as possible, which usually means ‘now’ for me. But I am also working on it and trying to be more accepting of waiting. It is tough.

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