How to Love the Unrecognizable Part of Yourself

“When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you.”

Easier said than done, right?

To love yourself at the current moment is complex enough, but what about who you used to be? What about the parts of yourself you aren’t proud of? What about the tedious pieces which still need tending to?

To truly love yourself, you must accept the unrecognizable part of yourself as well. These are the parts we condemn and pretend don’t exist. They may manifest from insecurities, ignorance, rejection, regret, shame, guilt, etc.

Self-love is the most paramount, powerful project we work on in our lives. It’s an eternal effort. There’s no point where you can say, “I have arrived.” No matter how much work you do today, there’s always going to be work waiting tomorrow. But isn’t that the fun part? Disinterest is…. death?

Without a doubt, there are times I haven’t been the most proud of. Times that make it tougher to accept my full self. But what I am the most proud of? My growth and my open mindset. Look at who I am today. What I stand for. What I advocate for. My values. Surely it’s more of an accomplishment to experience growth than to start and end in the same place. Maybe I’ll look back on this version of myself 10 years from now and *facepalm.* But that amount of self-improvement is indeed the intention, isn’t it?

Love is what makes life worth living. Self love is the first pillar. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s take an extra moment to appreciate, love, and accept ourselves today, too. You and me together.

How have you been learning to accept yourself? What does self-love mean to you?

“To find the good life you must first find yourself.”

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105 thoughts on “How to Love the Unrecognizable Part of Yourself

  1. When I look back to how I felt in past few years.. It has definitely changed for better. Self-care and confidence are two things I have been working on.
    Your post is really booster to love oneself. 😊 ❤️

  2. Thank you for this lovely post, really enjoyed reading it. Self love to me means to respect myself enough to accept who I choose to be. To love myself before I expect anyone else to love me…😊

  3. The Writers Monthly Magazine Responds:

    We enjoyed your thought-provoking article. Progress should always be the key to growth . . . even when it is hard. Some of the most challenging times give us the greatest growth. Growth is letting go of what seemed normal and right and grasping a higher sense of normalcy relative to the betterment and acceptance of all mankind.

  4. That is a challenge for most of us mortals! Most of us have past indiscretions that we would rather leave alone. To bring them out in the light of day and deal with forgiveness is hard.

  5. Thank you for appreciating what I have written!

    I try to answer your questions.

    1. Honestly, I have never had a problem with that; in general we are born out of love, not out of hatred. We hold from birth inside us a sparkle of Divinity so the combination of such magical ingredients can only give something amazng.
    Specifically, I’ve always loved myself in a healthy way. My parents have clasically been always like teachers who always encourage and criticize but I’ve never cared too much about their critics. I learnt from them all the useful and wise things but I’ve always ”deleted in my brain” any negative or non-positive reactions or thoughts from others as nobody can see inside me more than me and I’ve always known my inner value – I am amazing as a person and as a member of society. I have a lot of qualities, both inner and outer and I’ve looked for friends like me so far and I have never found that – someone that can love like me, expecting nothing in return, loving another with no purpose of getting anything from that person but love. So I’ve started in time more and more to value myself by respecting everything that I am and by deleting unfortunately everything that has brought me pain, dissapointment or any bad vibes. I’m left with just a few but good friends and my close family. The pets I’ve had along the years have offered me more sincere love than many people and I’ve also given them as much care & love as I could.

    2. Self-love means anything, from respect to self-protection, from care to personal growth, from capitalising self-values to working on finding the right things in life (professional purpose, spiritual evolution, true love in a relationship, right place to settle&live, etc.) and always a lot of trust in oneself.
    It also means for me a lot of work and energy invested in my physical & emotional health, every day with whatever things (e.g. I doubt very much the necessity of an anti-virus vaccine for me so I may very well not get it; I’ve read a lot about health & immunity in the past 20 years and I don’t need this. the complications and secondary effects of these vaccines are as dangerous as the virus itself.). I invest time and energy in keeping fit and creating a routine of healthy nutrition for myself and my family, I practise sports and I try to stay away from negative people/news/situations.

    Remember that we can always make choices, we live in a free world and our grandparents died for this during the WW. So, using our own wisdom, intuition and trust, knowing that our guardian angel is there, protecting our back, should be enough to keep us healthy, strong, longevive and much more wise than the majority of people.

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