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I have recently got into breathing exercises and breathing meditation again. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. One day, I woke up and something told me that I had to start that again that day. I had no choice but listen to it and I am glad I did. I was not feeling bad those days but there was some uneasiness in me that I could not understand. My other strategies were not working. Only this worked.

This got me thinking though. Why is breathing so special? Here, I will talk about how I perceive breathing as a spiritual tool. Nothing related to its bodily functions or how it has been discussed in the spiritual literature (because I don’t know much about either).

One major part of my personality is that I am very investigative. I want to know the whys for almost anything. (This is sometimes a good trait to have; but it can easily go wrong). So, obviously, I needed to convince myself by understanding why breathing is important. If I didn’t do that, I was running the risk of not sticking to breathing for more than a few days.

I came to realize that whenever I focus on my breathing and follow my inhales and exhales, I was getting a stronger connection with the universe. In my mind, an inhale is taking the universe in and an exhale is giving yourself to the universe. It is a trade. Universe gives part of itself to you with your inhale and you give part of yourself to the universe with your exhale. The thought of this connection blew my mind. Now, breathing makes more sense to me.

I think I was also thinking at some level that breathing seems to be an unnecessary function (spiritually speaking). I can imagine a world where we did not have to breath but still stayed alive. But as with everything else, I was thinking there must be a reason behind why we have to breathe. I just could not figure out why. I think this connection satisfied me in that way too.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? What other meanings do you find in breathing? Have you thought about it at all? Let’s chat.


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  1. Have you come across Whim Hof in your research? We recently watched a podcast where he discusses the power of breath practice and cold water therapy with Jordan Peterson and his daughter, Mikhaila. I found it a powerful reason to do breathing exercise daily.

  2. Deliberate breathing can be very powerful. As an example, few months ago I came across Wim Hof’s breathing exercise, he’s a very peculiar Dutch guy who has devised a very simple but extremely powerful method to increase people’s well-being I gave it a try and now I practice the breathing technique quite regularly (cold baths… not yet!) and it helps me get over my terrible headaches… and there’s no pills whatsoever working. Weird but very interesting!!

  3. Yes, it’so important, it connects us to the present moment and creates a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. I forget to breathe when I’m stressed, thanks for the reminder!

  4. i agree

    exchange, the relationship between positive and negative manifestation, drives every aspect of creation

    as a matter of fact it is creation in its simplest form


  5. Had a fall a couple of weeks ago. Physio gave breathing exercises. Says expanding lungs helps stave off pneumonia after broken or bruised ribs. Apparently lungs can be damaged. Feels good as was struggling to take deep breaths.

  6. I gave a lot more thought to breath when I smoked, but that was for lack of oxygen probably. Slow, rhythmic breathing can bring about feelings of bliss. If you can’t breathe like with asthma, that is just terrors. Scientifically, breath gives us oxygen to burn our food for energy and for our muscles to do work. I don’t understand why anyone would want to live without breathing. Breath is one of the rhythms of life and is a sign of life.

  7. Yes, I think meditation is vital to those who would know more of the reality which surrounds us. I also find poems written by the mystics increasingly attractive. Rumi for instance. I love Sufi poetry

  8. I read James Nestor’s Breath this year and it made some of the science of breath come alive. Your insights are powerful!

  9. Bless the Lord for being our Creator and providing that choice for us to enjoy breathing and believing. I agree with you that breathing opens up your inward parts allowing you to have more self control. I think such lessons are necessary for many of us who may have physical weaknesses. Father God enlightens us daily on things we need to increase our understanding of His power. Thank God for your strength and endurance in your new endeavor.🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. I love this, Betul! Here’s my favorite line and idea from your blog:

    “I came to realize that whenever I focus on my breathing and follow my inhales and exhales, I was getting a stronger connection with the universe. In my mind, an inhale is taking the universe in and an exhale is giving yourself to the universe.”

    That’s a wonderfully philosophical way to think of breathing. In a sense, you’re absolutely right. Taking air in is a way of allowing the world to enter the one who is breathing, and exhaling is a dispersion. So cool! I’m glad I read your piece! Thanks.

  11. Absolutely makes sense. I’ve been doing a breathing exercise from an app by Wim Hoff. Detailed breakdown about how breathing invigorates the cells and blood flow to your brain. I will probably blog about it when I am done but so far it has been very cool

  12. I found breathwork a few years ago and it has been a life changer for me! I am actually so inspired by it that I am getting certified to teach it to others! In terms of spirituality, breath work is a form of energy healing just like reiki or sound healing!

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