Losing Focus: An important problem nowadays?

Every one of us wants a good life, right? I don’t think there is anyone in this world that says: “F*ck good life! I want to live as miserable as possible!” The thing is that a good life is formed of multiple areas, which has different levels of importance, depending of what you want (career, family, friends, health and so on).

What strokes me the most is that each of this can be achieved with many “strategies” and each of those strategies require a certain amount of dedication time. The problem is that we all have 24 hours within a day, therefore how can we best decide to split those 24 hours to create our good life?

Here is where focus comes it. I believe that most of us change our strategy very often depending on the results we get compared to our expectations. For example, if we work hard for one month and we are top performers at our jobs, we expect to get a raise. However, if that doesn’t happen due to different factors, we tend to stop working so hard, therefore we can say we lost our focus. But what if we had to work hard two months to get that raise? What if we have to consistently work hard to get a promotion?

The same thing might happen when it comes to relationships. We prepare something sweet for our loved ones and we expect for them to be grateful a long period of time. And when we see they don’t show the gratefulness we expected, we get mad at them for being ungrateful bastards. What if instead of doing huge things once (or once in a while), we do little consistent things every single day?

This is what I mean with losing focus. We tend to focus on different things in different days and we might end up losing sight of what we focused the other day and we don’t come back to that. Maybe we need to keep in mind all the things every day, but that is hard… very hard. I know for sure.

I believe we need to make a list with all the aspects of our life and sort them based on priority. Maybe we need to focus on the most important ones every day, the second most important once at every two-three days and so on, but to have everything there… to find some space for every part of our life. And when new things come in, we might need to re-organize that list and re-do the priorities. This way we won’t lose focus in any area.

When was the last time you analyzed where your focus “goes to” and what is your conclusion?

19 thoughts on “Losing Focus: An important problem nowadays?

  1. The scourge of multitasking is one of the reasons that people lose their ability to focus. The constant bombardment of your brain with new information release a hormone called dopamine that makes you feel happy. Hence, a lots of people stopped reading books or have problems to focus on any intellectually challenging task. Whatever is eating at our ability to focus may also destroy our ability to conduct a meaningful social life.

    1. Agreed! Lapse of concentration also comes into play. I sadly find my eyes skim read automatically even when trying to read books I’m really interested in. It’s very frustrating and I don’t know how to rectify it.

  2. True..
    Most of us get so embroiled in the daily routine that we forget to live ….to set our priorities right one got to learn the art of focus, elimination and delegation …diesnt come easy ..but not impossible to achieve..

  3. In my day job of COO of a green energy company, I have to cover a lot of ground with a lot of balls always in the air. A Personal Productivity System I found was the key to me maintaining focus. I always tell people I can tell you my system but you need to develop what works for you. I have found that the power of the iPhone is in the apps that help me keep focus on work as well as life. I use Todoist for my tasks and I use Mondays for project management of the multi step, complicated actions. Finally I supplement that with paper day to day, always updating my apps, and I try to always “eat the frog”, meaning to do the hardest thing first every day and let the day flow downhill from there.

  4. Focus is something I have begun to focus on this past year. I have things I want to accomplish (at present finish the draft of my first book and finish recording my 3 track EP) so how do I funnel my time and creative energy intelligently to do that around working a full time job, being physically active to stay healthy, and getting enough sleep to function well?

    Focus. Organising my time intelligently and remembering to take a sabbath to rest.

    Peace to you. Thank you for reminding me of these things.

  5. Lately I have made an effort to make a list of the things I have done each day. The to do list has been failing. I will consider priorities as well, but some things just seem to compete for the number 1 spot in terms of priorities.

  6. “little consistent things every single day”
    Yes, I agree with you. I am also guilty as charged. I work hard for a period and then give up. Far better to work on each thing a little every day and be consistent about it.

  7. Priorities. It’s something I’ve recently become more conscious of. Something I’ve decided to work on. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m definitely not where I once was.

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