SnapDragon Speaks: On The Space Between.

Realize, 2020. Riverhead, New York. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved, yo.

I think there is great beauty in the space between:

The space between sleep. The space between our brown-bagged lunches. The space between radio commercials.

Life. It clicks by:

In the flashes of headlights. The clanking of spoons. The aching of hands and feet.

And no matter how hard we try, there is never enough time.

If only we had a chunk of guaranteed solitude/money/focus/energy/inspiration to accomplish those jeweled ideas; how satisfying to sit down and complete a task with excellence, not stopping until it is done.

If only, Dear Reader. If only.

But maybeβ€”just maybeβ€”there is an unsung beauty in the slow and steady drip. The chipping away. The one page at a time.

Because getting there is half the fun, love.

Your canvas has been here all along.

. . .

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54 thoughts on “SnapDragon Speaks: On The Space Between.

  1. I remember this time I was waiting for an order at a pharmacy. I was about to take out my phone when I thought to myself,

    Not every moment in life needs to be filled.

    I decided to sit and wait, absorb my surroundings, let life be. I wasn’t surrounded by nature, far from it, yet it was so soothing that I managed to fall asleep. It was such an insignificant moment, yet so peaceful.


  2. I read this on a busy Monday morning working on several tasks at a time while juggling emails, IMs, text messages and phone calls. Your post makes me want to STOP. Stop all this multitasking madness and focus on one thing at a time. And not stop until I am done. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  3. Like many have said before, as long as you’re pointed in the right direction, just keep walking forward, even if you have to crawl at times, and you’ll finish the race.

  4. There is so much time, if there are only things you want to accomplish because you see that there is always enough time for peace, if you let it happen.

  5. My mother has a saying, “little and often.” Step by step we will get there, as long as we keep believing in ourselves, and the strength we own in our soul.

    Thank you for your words. πŸ™‚

  6. This speaks volume to me. One step at a time is the key to fulfillment. Brick by brick Rome was built. Word by word, the longest pages book was written. Thanks for this timely post🌺

  7. You have such a wonderful outlook towards life in general. Such a wonderful post asking us to wait a little and breathe it all in. Lovely. Absolutely thought provoking and seemingly beautiful. Life does click by. Yes. A wonderful message I take back today. Thank you for that.

      1. My absolute pleasure dearest. I will take care, I hope you do too. May you have a fantastic week!πŸ’›

  8. So beautifully written. I need to learn a lot from your creativity. BTW, I write some stories and blogs too so you can follow me. I hope you’ll like them. Bye, take care

  9. this is super beuatiful and yet so forgoten…I struggle to enjoy the space in between as my mind engages mesomewhere else sometimes…but so important reminder πŸ™‚

  10. Beautifully put and defines the space I now occupy all the time, and I hope will be given to you, your readers and everyone able to appreciate it. Namely the space between retirement from worldly cares and fast approaching death, clothed with enough health and faculties to get byβ€”though both faulty, reminding me to let go of it all willingly . . .

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