Mastering the Art of Attention in a World of Distractions

Constantly running from task to task takes away our attention. We make to-do lists in the shower, look at our phone regularly if not all the time, and post photos of our dishes while we have dinner. Learning to take control of your attention through simple daily practical exercises by involving all your senses will … More Mastering the Art of Attention in a World of Distractions

The Artist

I believe that we all yearn to create. To nourish our unique gifts and bring something new and authentic into the world. This is how we affirm our identity and find meaning in the world. The role of the artist is to show us the way, and point towards the vast possibilities that are available … More The Artist

Art with a View

Last Saturday I went to visit the private art collection of Proximus, a Belgian digital service provider. In 25 years the company has collected about 600 artworks and last December they opened the doors to visitors. For the moment, only 200 paintings and photos are displayed. The exhibition is called Art with a View, because … More Art with a View

Admiring Artworks

I would like to tell you a story about how good are artworks for your morale. It happened during the Second World War. The bombing by the Germans during the Second World War in the UK caused the closing of the doors of all museums. The director of the National Gallery of London, Kenneth Clark, … More Admiring Artworks

Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

There is a direct relationship between ageing, physical, and mental activity. People who adopt a sedentary and passive lifestyle after retirement accelerate their ageing process. Lack of movement diminishes the body’s responsiveness and few social relationships inhibit intellectual abilities. We could also add loneliness to see the ageing process accelerates. Spending the day without stimuli … More Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

Brain-Storming 2

Again, a situation and questions: Situation: You have a stable, well-paying job and in fact you will be promoted soon. However, the last few years have been hard for you because you realized that you are not happy in your job and you want to do art, your passion since childhood. This means you will … More Brain-Storming 2