Question of the Day – No. 511

If you could bring something into your life overnight, what would you bring and why?


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123 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 511

  1. Letting my imagination run wild, I would want a lavish green field and river near my house. I can sit by and behold nature with my eyes.

  2. Can only think of this question in an abstract way, but looking at the current state of inactivity I am in, I would want some singleminded resolve and inspiration right now.

      1. Well, I was supposed to be productive and inspired to do all I would need to do to achieve a particular goal I had set to achieve. The deadline I had was 31st May. But because of the Covid situation, the deadline naturally got postponed indefinitely. I guess it is the uncertainity of it all, or the absence of a deadline, that has made my vision all hazy, and I am left anchorless. It all seems pointless. Hence, I would want some inspiration to be productive, even if there is no deadline or end goal in sight. I hope I am making sense!

      2. Yes, it makes total sense! I think that in the lack of external deadlines, you can make your own deadline and stick to them just as they were external…

      1. i am from india, and the one who is in england , i had met him ladt time in 2012, and another is 130 km , i met him in last summer vacations, june 2019.

      1. I’ve hurt the ones I love in the past through neglect and taking them for granted. Time heals all wounds but can leave a hell of a scar. Something that has influenced my response above is I recently read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning.” In the book, he wrote about his Logotherapy. Its categorical imperative is: “Live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you’re about to act now!”

  3. Perhaps some objectivity from outside myself and my own thoughts. Often I can write something about my life, post it even, and then wonder, “Is that REALLY true? Does it matter?”

    1. I often think about that too. However, my first reply is: “It’s true to me, therefore it matters to me. ” I believe that writing has a selfish component, so if something you write is important to you, it will be reflected in your writings. If you right stuff you don’t really care about, your writings will reflect that lack of emotion…

  4. Bring back my Pa into life. So he could spend time with my little one whom he never got to meet. 🙂

      1. We grew up with an alcoholic father when my mother and father separated I stayed with my mom, he stayed with my dad, growing up he felt alone when he was 18 he came to live with my mom expecting a family unity that we are selves didn’t have. He felt rejected and alone, we all worked and didn’t see the sign of depression as expressed it with anger.

  5. I love overthinking, and while it does take time, it’s seldom pointless. There are amazing answers on here! What a great crowd! What I’d like to have come into my life overnight would be a sense of Home. I’ve had that 3 times before in my life, so I know it’s possible, and it’s something I’d love my kids to have as well. Thanks for the thinking. 🙂

  6. I would bring into my life, and everyone else’s, a new perspective of the world. One where no one pays an ounce of attention to someone else’s race or disability or gender or whatever. A world where we live in harmony. And here’s the thing!!! The word “harmony” LITERALLY MEANS that there are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE tunes, and they are woven together to create a beautiful song BECAUSE of their differences!!! This is what frustrates me, because so many people fail to understand that.

    I could go on for days but I’m going to stop here.

    1. I totally get that. The lack of understanding that there are different perspectives in this world is what causes so many problems. That’s why our world is soo f*cked up.

  7. Only a poem will do, and only a poem written here and now is appropriate.

    “Isnhas Dimensions”

    She’s a tall order.
    She’s in short supply.
    She’s a wide range of thinking.
    She’s a star round the sky.

    She’s big on her freedom.
    She’s many small ways.
    She’s middling to most.
    She’s actually a blaze.

    She’s bitter.
    She’s salty.
    She’s spicy.
    She’s malty.

    She’s addition.
    She’s loss.
    She’s division.
    She’s boss

    She’s largely a mystery.
    She’s many in her ways.
    She’s tiny strangenesses.
    She’s a clarity daze.

    She’s long on her tides.
    She’s long in her strides.
    She’s long in her joy.
    She’s long on annoy.

    She’s watery.
    She’s dry.
    She’s smelly.
    She’s wry.

    She’s awkward.
    She’s giddy.
    She’s ugly.
    She’s pretty.

    She’s massive hiddens.
    She’s massive knowns.
    She’s massive subtleties.
    She’s massive tones.

    She’s mostly petite.
    She’s hugely sweet.
    She’s light on her feet.
    She’s heavy on treat.

    She’s immense in her steepness,
    She’s massive in her fluff.
    She’s broad in her flatness.
    She’s well-rounded in her tough.

    She’s an exquisite daintiness.
    She’s a deep well of flair.
    She’s a great sense of purpose.
    She’s a well-tailored tear.

    She’s vastly unctuous.
    She’s greatly rambunctious.
    She’s extraordinarily breezy.
    She’s extensively sleazy.

    She’s not overnight.
    She’s an enterprise ongoing.
    She’s not right nor unright.
    She’s knowns and unknowing.

    She’s her.
    She’s how I saw,
    She’s likely ether.
    She’s likely pall.

    She’s none of these things.
    She’s free to be she.
    She’s all of these things.
    She’s free to be she.

    She’s her was.
    She’s her will be
    She’s her is.
    She’s noticed me.

  8. Jehovah’s Kingdom on earth. Why? Because then there will be no disease, no war, no crime, no violence, no animosity, no prejudice. The earth would become a paradise, everyone would live together in peace, no hunger, no homelessness. Just perfection as God intended.

  9. A little more ability to accept that bad things happen to good people and sometimes good things happen to bad people. Faith in that people will eventually feel the weight of their own decisions and a peaceful life for all!

  10. This is a hard one. What comes to mind first lately would be peace. To just be able to take a breath and really feel at peace. I wish that for myself and the rest of the world. But then also not to forget the drive to make things better. The balance is key, but first stemming from peace. Great question as always…

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! I noticed that lately it became very hard to just take a breath and calm the mind… I guess it might me because of this pandemic…

  11. Wow – I’ve been reading through this comment feed and I like them all. I agree with so many. Especially the ones wishing to see passed loved ones one last time.

  12. The ability to speak and understand any language I want 😅.

    I’m a 3d artist and classical singer… It would be cool to understand songs I hear and would like to sing without googling the lyrics and meaning…

    And for 3d, I come across a ton of tutorials that are what I’m looking for, but with no subtitles… Expecially Japanese 😅

  13. Reading through these were fun… Truthfully, there are many things people want, but at the end of the day, we all need to take active steps to getting there!

  14. I’ve been thinking about this question for a couple of days now, trying to figure out what I would truly like to have. Turns out I can not come up with something real, I have an amazing house, enough money, a loving boyfriend, amazing bunny and I truly enjoy whatever happens in my days. Of course I could always have more but I don’t really need it. I’m happy with my life and myself, and even happy with the process of recovering from my burnout, I don’t need anything else for now besides the time to get to know myself. Thank you so much for making me see this!

    1. Very interesting! Is love enough to do this? Some people love power, others love money… I guess some form of love exists in all of us…

      1. It exist but you right it gets overpowered by other things like you mentioned. Money, power… it’s useless when we’re dead… lol

  15. Tough, there are so many. Unimaginable wealth would gain you power and influence to change things like poverty, lack of Healthcare, education, etc.
    I think the number one thing would be to help create personal value for every individual in the world, so they are empowered to live the life they deserve, and then strive to make the world a better place for everyone!

      1. I think so… people can always choose to be the best person they can. Finding your personal value and living the best life you can through personal empowerment is possible. We can all help loft eachother up every day!

      2. Wealth helps. Wealth doesn’t have to be at “unimaginable” levels. It could be just enough to pay the bills allowing a person focus and energy to apply to their plan.

    1. Many people are thinking the same thing these days. I get why. It seems wealth is what’s needed to get to change like what you see. Interesting.

      1. Personal change is very different… that can only be found inside. However wouldn’t it be great to change the world on a massive scale, doing things like making schools better, helping with sheltering for people, etc… Personal change and accountability can be learned and that is huge to helping change society for the better too! It all starts with the individual!

      2. For sure, not only would it be great to change the world on a massive scale, making schools better, sheltering people, etc., it feels great actually doing those things. What I find is some folks think doing those things requires “unimaginable wealth” and because of that, they get stopped in their tracks.

        I run an organization called Copiosis ( I started in 2013 with no great wealth at all. Today thousands of people, maybe tens of thousands, around the world are growing more excited about what we’re doing to give food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare to everyone at not cost to anyone, while at the same time offering unlimited innovation opportunities to everyone too. It’s real and it’s getting more real all the time. And yes, we now have some money, but it’s far from “unlimited wealth”.

        My point is, you don’t need “unlimited wealth” to do these things. Inspiration and focus can literally create what you need from nothing. My little organization proves that. Check it out. Maybe it will inspire you to do something similar with your imagination!

  16. I’d want my own independent brick and mortar bookstore and cafe. That’s my goal. It will almost certainly not happen overnight, but it will happen.

  17. I find building awareness of satisfaction a huge benefit of gradual “bringing”. So while I sometimes allow impatience to trigger thoughts of immediate gratification, I prefer accepting where I am, then allowing time and space as things come as practice for greater peace in the now.

      1. i’m not entirely sure. i think peace of mind, for me, is being content and allowing the contentment to be there. and that’s it. nothing more, nothing less.

  18. I wish I had a huge plot of land with lots of cows, sheep, goats, horses, bulls, and dogs.
    Living a life with animals that’s my dream because animals don’t remind you of people. In serving animals I wish to realize my position on this planet.

      1. I like writing poetry. It’s a way for me to express my feelings, very healing.

        Pink Shards
        Carefully arranging your
        glistening pink shards
        To create a masterpiece
        Of colorful glass
        decorating my soul

        All the shattered pieces you loathe in your self
        Shine brightly to me
        I hang them up for all the world to see
        We have nothing to hide

        But most of all, I want to cut you open
        Peeling *Layer by layer
        Revealing the secrets of you
        That you have yet to whisper to anyone
        And only in pain can you reveal

        Wrap them in fine silk
        Place them in a vault*
        Stashed ** safely where only we can find
        I’ll never let them go

        Hidden bloody secrets, the pain
        The parts we hide
        Trust so binding
        It’s love
        But to free it for the world to see
        A rare gem indeed.

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