Doing Nothing: The Hardest Thing To Do?

Drawing By Adrian Serghie

I know, I know! The first impulse is to throw rotten eggs in this title because we both know it’s not true (at least, most of the time). So the question now is: when doing nothing is the hardest thing to do?

I think this is related to having control over the situation because that’s when fear and desperation have a say. When it seems you’re losing control over something, that’s when you start doing (stupid) things just to get that control back. Of course, sometimes it is required to do something just so the sh*t doesn’t hit the fan, but other times things would be better if we do nothing.

In my opinion, doing nothing is the hardest thing to do when the things you want to do are bad. When you know your actions do nothing else but harm you and the ones around you, but you still do that sh*t for some small immediate temporary pleasure, that’s when it’s the hardest. That’s why some people do drugs. The immediate pleasure is stronger than the idea of harming the self and the people around, so not doing drugs is the hardest thing to do for that person.

So basically doing nothing is the hardest thing to do when that nothing involves effort. If you have to put lots of effort to do keep yourself from doing stupid things, that’s when it’s the hardest.

When doing nothing is the hardest thing for you?

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8 thoughts on “Doing Nothing: The Hardest Thing To Do?

  1. I have this natural inclination, when any sort of problem arises in my life, to rush right in and try to apply some sort of solution. In other words, I tend to panic and try to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. But I’ve found that this is often the absolute wrong approach to take. By rushing in, I’m often apt to apply a faulty solution–something half-assed and wrongheaded. (The old saying “haste makes waste” applies here.) In fact, I’ve also learned that if I simply ignore the problem it often goes away all by itself. I suppose the lesson here is that human intervention is often counterproductive. Sometimes ignoring things is the best approach to take. As usual, you’ve given us a really interesting take on a situation that we are all very familiar with.

  2. This is relevant to my current situation. I am keeping quiet on something I would usually go in full guns a blazing. Much like the comment above I find doing nothing hardest when I need to let time be the thing that heals things. Not sure if any of that makes sense?

  3. If doing “nothing” is an active concerted effort of choice, I can certainly appreciate the benefits it brings. However, when it’s passive, imposed, or forced upon it can have severe destructive repercussions – not only to the individual in the “nothing” mode, but to those close to him or her.

    So I suppose my answer to the question;
    Q: “When is doing nothing the hardest thing for you?”
    would be;
    A: “Doing ‘nothing’ is hardest for me when it’s unwillingly enforced or imposed on me.”

  4. Well put, Bogdan!

    It is difficult for me to truly and utterly relax. That’s not to say that I’m always running around; I’m a proud homebody. But my mind just won’t quit. When I’m “resting” my thoughts continue to race. It’s a curse. 🕊

  5. Actually, science says people will avoid pain above choosing pleasure. That’s why men don’t easily ask you out, LOL. ‘Pain’ for some people is changing their lifestyle. Just because one is in a home lockdown does not mean you can do nothing. In the first place, if you are at home, you are still better off than most of the world population. In the second place, it’s amazing what you can do in your home and online. I have been an online worker for the past 20 years. It takes some ideas and self-discipline, and finding how to fit in your needs and wants. You can do it! Stay positive and healthy.

  6. True. Best way to beat a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. Doing nothing when you want to do something bad is the hardest thing.

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